Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, July 25-29


July 25-29


Mary A. Krutiak sold property at Bucklin Road, Adams, to Ryan P. Thomann, $85,600.

Gregory S. and Deborah A. Nowicki sold property at 28-34 Burt St., Adams, to Robert J. and Andrea J. Tomkiewicz, $125,000.

Frank W. Pester Sr. Estate and Holly Rogers sold property at 46 East St., Adams, to Thomas A. Therrien, $72,500.


Caroline V. Graves and Hilda E. Larrier sold property at 399 West Ave., Alford, to GWALCHMEI LLC, $140,000.


Stephen F. Capeless and Christopher G. Capeless, Trustees of the Robert T. Capeless Trust, sold property at 9 County Road, Becket, to Madeleine Swindlehurst, $9,000.

Charlotte F. Miller and Rita Posner sold property at 178 Mystic Isle Way, Becket, to John and Karin Koff, $245,000.


Michael P. and Dianne M. Supranowicz sold property at 132 Curran Road, Cheshire, to Scott L. McWhirt, $240,000.


Carl W. McKinney sold property at River Road, Clarksburg, to Clean Energy Collective, $142,000.


Gerald P. and Elizabeth A. Erb sold property at 518 Old Windsor Road, Dalton, to James L. and Anne Marie Noel, $380,000.

Michael J. Randall and Rhianna L. Scace f/k/a Rhianna L. Randall sold property at 654 South St., Dalton, to David E. McCoy and Alyson J. Baumgartner, $179,900.

Patrick J. and Mary E. Taylor sold property at 488 East Housatonic St., Unit 5, Dalton, to Cheryl A. Reed, $155,000.


David K. Cohen and Sherry L. Cohen, Trustees of David K. Cohen and Sherry L. Cohen Revocable Trust Agreement Dated Jan. 21, 2014, sold property at 199 Jug End Road, Egremont, to Steven Kaufman and Claudia Kaufman, $730,000.

Peter J. Fasano and Elizabeth Hamilton, Trustees of Peter J. Fasano Revocable Trust of 2011 and Elizabeth Hamilton Revocable Trust of 2011, sold property at Baldwin Hill Road, Parcel D, Egremont, to Eric J. Bush and Marcella A. Bush, $35,000.

Ox Bow Road MA LLC sold property at 28 Ox Bow Road, Egremont, to Jeffrey Menkes and Susan Fox Menkes, $1,800,000.


Gladys M. Williams sold property at Blackstone Road, Florida, to Lawrence E. and Mary L. Jones, $10,000.

Great Barrington

Gary Citrin and Sherry Citrin sold property at 165 Maple Avenue, Unit D, Great Barrington, to Judith L. Waldman, Trustee of Judith L. Waldman Revocable Trust, $455,000.

John Kot and Adella Lynch sold property at 125 Maple Ave., Great Barrington, to Brian T. Moffitt and Debra Descognets, $172,500.


James M. and Susan L. Decola sold property at 93 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, to Steven and Elizabeth McGowen, $315,000.


Brian Ayars sold property at 95 Prospect St., Lee, to Christopher G. and Christina R. Cable, $185,000.


Elizabeth A. Winsor f/k/a Elizabeth W. Kelly sold property at 43 Jaynes Road, Lenox, to Eric B. and Jane R. Singer, $457,500.

James G. and Heidi Y. Nejaime sold property at 6 Stone Ledge Road, Lenox, to Robert L. and Harriet S. Simon, $860,000.

Solon W. Sadoway sold property at 22 Delafield Drive, Lenox, to Susan Parsley, $250,000.

Thomas J. Hamel, Trustee of Church Street Lenox NT, sold property at 34 Church St., Unit 2C, Lenox, to Susan J. Bernhardt, $192,500.

North Adams

Jamie Morrison sold property at 1223 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Hugh C. and Patricia L. Dickinson, $180,000.

Michael A. and Lisa N. Tessier sold property at 385 Notch Road, North Adams, to Deborah M. Morandi, $70,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 13 Werden Road, Otis, to Gregory Cohen and Harriet Goldwin Cohen, $67,000.

US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee to Ronald Fillio, sold property at 271 New Hollywood Boulevard, Otis, $76,900.

Gilbert J. and Sharon L. Vanasse sold property at Klondike Campground, Otis, to Matthew Thornton and Timothy Thornton, $24,000.

Ira H. and Mindy K. Forman sold property at Klondike Campground, Otis, to Blaine D. Gagnon Jr. and Candice E. Gagnon, $35,000.


Dennis C. and Sharon A. Barry sold property at 18 Dean Place, Pittsfield, to Tyler C. Barry, $120,000.

Gary A. and Diane C. Brazee sold property at 257 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to Naomi Cortez, $35,000.

Peter T. White sold property at 29 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to Ronald T. and Diane C. Marcella, $30,000.

Jane Wills sold property at 1640 North St., Pittsfield, to Teresa L. Chellman, $128,000.

Lee Bank sold property at 86-88 Madison Ave., Pittsfield, to Alliance Properties LLC, $15,000.

Lee Bank sold property at 238 Linden St., Pittsfield, to Alliance Properties LLC, $10,000.

Robert F. Jakubowicz, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Freda C. Sass, sold property at 523 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Ellyn M. Brown, $97,500.

Dennis T. Schilling and Mary A. Kuni-Schilling sold property at 52 Westwood Road, Pittsfield, to Brian D. Duma, $142,000.

Michelle Crosier sold property at 30-32 Glenwood Ave., Pittsfield, to Brian D. and Judith A. Kelly, $62,000.

Laura K. Montemagni, Mark E. Montemagni and Casey M. Montemagni d/b/a Baldwin Hill Realty sold property at 51 Foote Ave., Pittsfield, to Jean L. Robitaille, $132,000.

Brennan P. Kozlowski a/k/a Brennen P. Kozlowski and Lora E. Kozlowski sold property at 8 Thomas Road, Pittsfield, to Scott and Karen R. Murray, $345,100.

South Church Street Associates LLC sold property at 71 South Church St., Unit N104, Pittsfield, to Kathleen Martin, $226,000.

Scott W. Walker and Sarah J. Walker f/k/a Sara J. Campagna sold property at 137 California Ave., Pittsfield, to Cheryl L. Walker, $120,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 27 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Cristina G. Gonzalez, $94,500.

US Bank National Association, Trustee, sold property at 19 Stoddard Ave., Pittsfield, to Mark J. Barile, $49,900.

Jennifer Galvagni sold property at 156 Williams St., Pittsfield, to Fintan Hanley, $206,000.

Stephen J. Levine and Joan Kagan Levine sold property at 33 Walden Lane, Pittsfield, to Jeffrey B. and Glenna J. Gerard, $235,000.

Rebecca A. Valentine sold property at 18-20 Faulkner Place, Pittsfield, to Toby T. Logsdon, $30,734.45.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, and David R. and Audrey J. Vickery sold property at 17 King St., Pittsfield, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Trustee, $90,950.

Bank of America NA and David J. and Joan E. Wixsom sold property at 64 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Bank of America NA, $198,521.08.

US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee and Jonathan P. Maynard sold property at 15 New Hampshire Ave., Pittsfield, to US Bank Trust NA, Trustee, $105,265.30.

Scott A. Graves sold property at 87 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to Steven J. and Jordan N. Haecker, $200,000.

James J. and Ellen M. Bernardo sold property at 164 Lakeway Drive, Pittsfield, to Jeffrey M. and Lisa M. Gallant, $110,000.


Margo Marcovicci f/k/a Mohana Shapiro, Trustee under Will of Jena Marcovicci, sold property at 638 Rossiter Road, Richmond, to Margaret S. Bilotti, Trustee of Eric C. Bilotti 2015 Irrevocable Trust, $480,000.


Donald L. Reinhard and Ann D. Reinhard and Laura B. Reinhard, Trustees of Viets Road Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at Viets Road, Sandisfield, to Thomas A. Goossens and Barbara L. Rambo, $325,000.


Robert H. Parker and Jill Gerson Parker sold property at 450 Water Farm Road Sheffield to Cagney Riva, $200,000.

Salisbury Bank and Trust Company and Lloyd H. Busch and Lisa S. Busch sold property at 1399 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to YS Real Estate Holdings LLC, $168,000.

West Stockbridge

Jerry Agate, Trustee of Agate Funding Trust, sold property at 8 Carlotto Road, West Stockbridge, to Martha J. Hamilton, $299,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, F/K/A Bank of New York, Trustee of CWABS Inc. and David A. Grover sold property at 9 Oak St., West Stockbridge, to Turnpark Realty LLC, $250,000.

Todd Norian and Ann Green sold property at 73 Swamp Road, West Stockbridge, to Matthew Neville and Ann Sousa, $62,500.


Warren S. Hyman and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, sold property at 192 North St., Williamstown, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, $119,000.

Williams College sold property at 280 Pine Cobble Road, Williamstown, to Matthew and Cristina Tokeshi, $427,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.


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