Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, March 21-25


March 21-25


Christopher D. Ware and Adams Community Bank sold property at 105 Horrigan Road, Clarksburg, to Emerald City Rentals LLC, $23,000.


Mark and Dawn Hall sold property at 35 Westview Drive, Dalton, to Peter W. Gazzillo and Susan H. Duncan, $335,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC sold property at 10 Sunnyside Drive, Dalton, to David M. Kubicki, $145,100.

Pine Crest Development Company Inc. sold property at Pinecrest Drive, Dalton, to A.J. Schnopp Jr. Construction Inc., $134,320.

Brian M. and Nancy R. Smith sold property at 139 Depot St., Dalton, to Michael A. and Kristen A. Vella, $330,000.00

Alan B. Clapper and Beth L. Shook sold property at 17 Off Prospect St., Dalton, to Alan B. and Christopher Clapper, $15,000.


Anthony Sena and Joan Cooke sold property at Strykers Road, Florida, to Berkshire Natural Resources, $118,750.


Adams Community Bank sold property at Hancock Road, Lot C, Hancock, to Michael K. and Kristin A. Hickey, $30,000.


Norman J. Carmel sold property at 78 Peru Road, Hinsdale, to Shawn M. and Tammy L. Krejmas, $139,900.


Albert C. and Sharon A. Vreeland sold property at 1-11 Morgan Manor, Lenox, to Eileen Crist Patzig and Robert Martin Patzig, Trustees of the Eileen Crist Patzig Trust, $177,500.

Lawrence Handelsman, Trustee of the Lawrence Handelsman Revocable Trust and Linda B. Handelsman, Trustee of the Linda B. Handelsman Revocable Trust, sold property at 18 Meadow Lane, Unit 8, Lenox, to Mary Talbot, $150,000.

Richard A. Corcoran sold property at 15 Old Town Way, Lenox, to James and Deborah Prew, $17,500.

North Adams

RSB Properties LLC sold property at 1200 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to MABJM NT and Michael J. Badorini, $15,500.

Erika A. Uchman sold property at 212 Notch Road, North Adams, to Wilfrid R. and Janet M. Bombardier, $142,450.

Lisa M. Volff and FNMA sold property at 49-51 River St., North Adams, to FNMA, $86,617.

Bank of New York Mellon Tr sold property at 9 Robinson St., North Adams, to James Lewis, $12,924.


Grace James f/k/a Grace Dibicarri sold property at 9 Reservoir Heights Road, Otis, to Richard and Dora G. Bleier, $210,000.


Julia Hobart Trumball aka Julia H. Hobart sold property at 210 Main Road, Monterey, to Mia Plehn $470,000.


PNC Bank, NA and Mark M. Pomerance sold property at 759 North St., Pittsfield, to Berkshire Medical Center Inc., $75,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union and Paul J. and Charlene M. Procopio sold property at 19 Lombard St., Pittsfield, to Emerald City Rentals LLC, $50,000.

Katherine T. Hornbeck sold property at 120 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Katie E. Russett, $145,000.

Christopher A. Gregory sold property at 1038 North St., Pittsfield, to Damion and Darlene Joseph, $140,500.

Shawn M. and Tammy L. Krejmas sold property at 90 Partridge Road, Pittsfield, to Kevin R. Wilson, $189,400.

Jessica R. Godfroy sold property at 80 Maple Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Mary Lee Godfroy, $175,000.

Jeffrey and Keri Laporte sold property at 50 Valentine Road, Pittsfield, to Michael K. and Paula K. Reis, $218,000.

Mark D. and Christine M. Constable sold property at 363 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Abigail M. and Katherine LeRose, $170,000.


Sebastian Brecht and Sarah Brecht sold property at 40 Cronk Road, Sandisfield and Monterey, to Johanna Miner, $817,500.


Peter A. Weissenstein sold property at 13 Hawthorne Road, Stockbridge, to Robert Weissenstein, $315,000.


Frances S. Moresi T and Peter Moresi sold property at 225 Longview Terrace, Williamstown, to Andrew T. and Cristina M. Stuebner, $355,000.

Northern Pines RT and Patricia A. Anderson sold property at 614 Main St., Williamstown, to KG&E Realty Group LLC, $208,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in their districts.


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