Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions, Nov. 13-20


Nov. 13-20


Keith A. and Carol A. Lawson sold property at 32-34 Brown St. & 317-319 Old Columbia St., Adams, to Demastrie Block LLC, $140,000.

Christine A. Tanguay sold property at 3 Grant St., Adams, to Michael S. Bresett, $169,500.

Gregory E. and David P. Kondel sold property at 9 Lincoln St., Adams, to Carol A. Kondel, $100,000.


Alan and Paula Halperin sold property at 381 Leonhardt Road, Becket, to Scott Hurwitz, $1,100,000.


Dan J. Brooks and Midfirst Bank sold property at 400 North Houghton St., Clarksburg, to Midfirst Bank, $21,675.

FNMA sold property at 1104 River Road, Clarksburg, to Erica L. Holman and Joseph A. Burnett, $53,000.


BDMG LLC sold property at 650 Main St., Dalton, to Mohammad N. Imtiaz, $1,150,000.

Steven and Darlene Loring sold property at 109 Carson Ave., Dalton, to Cheng We Zhu and Li Yun Li, $123,000.

Joel L. and Julia A. Whitcomb sold property at 40 Old Windsor Road, Dalton and Hinsdale, and 200 Cadwell Road, Pittsfield, to Philip W. Wicker, $150,000.

Great Barrington

MJJM LLC sold property at 3 Copper Beech Lane, Unit 3, Great Barrington, to Louis A. Moscatello and Barbara Haubold, $410,000.

Stephen L. Conte sold property at 35 Mechanic St., Great Barrington, to Howard Schneider and Sihame Keghida, $302,000.

Patricia Hayden RET and Kara Hayden sold property at 101 Park St. North, Great Barrington, to Joseph J. Muller and Jamie A. Mccormack, $87,500.

Vivian Kimmelman sold property at State Road, Great Barrington, to Berkshire Natural Resrces, $860,000.


Amy B. Marshall sold property at Hancock Road, Hancock, to Thomas J. Trimarchi, $73,500.

Vincent F. Stracuzzi sold property at Washington Avenue, Hancock, to Wojtkowski Bros. Inc., $30,000.


Barbara A. Adams, Donna M. Connelly, James W. Callahan, and Kevin F. Callahan sold property at 68 Shore Drive, Hinsdale, to Anthony L. Allegrone, $315,000.


Deborah Bliss sold property at 16 Grove Ave., Lanesborough, to Jena Messana and Michael A. Furforo, $155,000.

Mark A. Messana and Darlene G. Renzi sold property at 185 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, to Flora F. and Babak Sadri-Azarbayejani, $335,000.


Edith B. Kaye sold property at 14 Meadow Lane, Unit 3, Lenox, to Linda F. and M. David Burghardt, $165,000.

John J. Guinan Jr. and Ellen Harrison sold property at 5 Wexford Court, Unit 27, Lenox, to Stephen and Judith Sultan, $295,000.

New Ashford

J.W. Kelly Enterprises sold property at Beach Hill Road, New Ashford, to Alan Kapiloff RET and Alan B. Kapiloff, $205,000.

North Adams

AB Realty Nominee Trust and Elizabeth M. Petri sold property at 266 Kemp Ave., North Adams, to Kyle D. and Brian Shepard, $160,000.

Mary E. Cohane and Mark B. Ricker sold property at 60 Marietta St., North Adams, to Valerie L. Shields, $138,000.

Sarah Sawyer and Trustco Bank sold property at 1428 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Trustco Bank, $59,000.

Trustco Bank sold property at 1428 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Blackinton Mill LLC, $23,600.

Magid Mill LLC sold property at 1470 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Blackinton Mill LLC, $200,000.

Suzette T. Lemieux sold property at 751 Mohawk Trail, Unit 1d, North Adams, to Brian M. and Barbara A. Allard, $145,000.

Modern Dairy & Liquors Inc. sold property at 298 State St., North Adams, to John S. Wadsworth, $140,000.


Anita W. and Peter H. Graber, Trustees of the Anita W. Graber 2014 Trust, sold property at 256 Long Mountain Road, Otis, to Sotirios Liatsos, $221,500.

John Brandon and Chandra Benevento sold property at 42 South Gate Island Road, Otis, to David and Carol L. Fishman, $650,000.


Santander Bank NA and Wendy S. Mucinski sold property at 14-16 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Cheshire Green LLC, $61,000.

Thomas W. Dellert sold property at 182 East New Lenox Road, Pittsfield, to Fernando Vasconcelos and Alba Sanchez, $172,000.

US Bank Trust NA, Trustee, sold property at 18 Wilson St., Pittsfield, to Inmer Bernabel and Bartola I. Orellana, $40,000.

Patricia Franco, James Quinlan and Kathleen Keenan sold property at 44 Albro St., Pittsfield, to Alexander E. and Kristina M. Mensah, $142,000.

Deirdre D. Carter FKA Deirdre D. Farry sold property at 14 Joan Drive, Pittsfield, to Stephen L. Conte, $170,000.

O'Connell Oil Associates Inc. sold property at 181-183 and 185-187 Linden St., Pittsfield, to Yogendra Patel, Trustee of the Pittsfield Linden Street Realty Trust, $475,000.

Ashley M. Southard, Trustee of the Carol A. McCabe Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 25 Parker St., Pittsfield, to Michelle, Elmer and Theresa M. Gage, $109,500.


Connee W. Kaufman sold property at 33 East Beach Road, Richmond, to 33 East Beach Lane LLC, $250,000.


Katherine B. Dirgo Estate and Michael D. Babey sold property at 119 Sandy Brook Turnpike, Sandisfield, to M&R White Properties LLC, $125,000.


Gretchen M. Hayes NT and Gretchen M. Hayes sold property at 445 Hewins St., Sheffield, to Jeffrey J. Crampton, $435,000.

Zbigniew F. and Rose L. Glaszcz sold property at 1350 Home Road, Sheffield, to Jake E. Hunker, $60,000.


Alberni Holdings Inc. sold property at 2 Wallace Road, Unit 2W, Stockbridge, to Collin Lovas and Richard W. Smith, $240,000.

B. Elizabeth Weiser, Trustee of the B. Elizabeth Weiser Trust, sold property at 19 Hawthorne Road, Unit B-1, Stockbridge, to Stephen M. and Helene R. Sacks, Trustees of the Stephen M. Sacks and Helene R. Sacks Joint Revocable Trust, $582,500.

Laura Shack sold property at 9 Mahkeenac Road, Stockbridge, to David Shack, $833,500.


Leonard A. and Ling M. Poliandro sold property at 60 Baxter Road, Williamstown, to James A. Manigualt-Bryant and Lerhonda S. Manigault-Bryant, $473,000.

Damon Reed RET and Damon Reed sold property at 114 Berkshire Drive, Williamstown, to Wise FT and Charlene C. Wise, $345,165.

Paul Neely RET and Paul Neely sold property at 73 Bulkley St., Williamstown, to Carol Miller and Richard Levy, $510,000.

Morse FT and Julie S. Morse sold property at 10 Ide Road, Williamstown, to Russell W. and Christina L. Howard, $625,000.

Catherine M. Yamamoto sold property at 70 Ide Road, Williamstown, to Joseph E. Sheehan and Shaun M. Omears-Sheehan, $1,200,000.

Elizabeth B. Williams RET and Elizabeth B. Williams sold property at 796 Main St., Williamstown, to Joseph C. Bergeron and Geraldine Y. Shen, $649,000.

Victor M. Lucier sold property at 475 Water St., Williamstown, to Kara A. Mears, $147,000.

FT — Family Trust

LLC — Limited Partnership

LT — Life Trust

NT — Nominee Trust

RET — Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district. Note: This list includes North Berkshire and South Berkshire transactions for Nov. 13 not provided by The Warren Group last week.


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