Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 18-22


Nov. 18-22


Mark G. and Diane P. Lavigne sold property at 10 East Road, Adams, to Lois A. Luczynski, $314,000.

Robert A. Groves sold property at 104 Howland Ave., Adams, to Glenn A. Robert, $89,400.

Jeremy B. Field sold property at 26 Morningside Ave., Adams, to Aaron T. and Nicole L. Delmolino, $195,000.

Debra Trzcinski sold property at 9 Orchard St., Adams, to Beck W. and Donna M. Thomason, $153,000.

George W. Kirk IRT and Doreen K. Brandolini sold property at 11 Ruel St., Adams, to Robin F. Sigsbury and Elizabeth F. Roberts, $184,000.


Holly J. Drosehn sold property at 41 South St., Cheshire, to Audet Realty LLC, $208,000.

Great Barrington

Bernice M. Amoroso sold property at 5 George St., Great Barrington, to Paul M. and Adele L. Kellman, $5,000.

Lakeview Road NT and Isabelle Weinberg sold property at 6 Lake View Road, Great Barrington, to Samar Habl, $587,500.


John S. Friend sold property at 1155 North Main St., Lanesborough, to Old Williamstown Realty LLC, $75,000.


John M. & Tiffany Darrin Morawiec sold property at 395 Devon Road, Lee, to William J. & Lorinda C. Winn, $390,000.

Arthur H. Loring, John E. Loring and Dolores B. Loring sold property at 32 Third St., Lee, to Robin M. Roosa, $89,900.

Richard Drucker sold property at 45 Water St., Lee, to S&M Sheds LLC, $150,000.


Timothy M. Hart and Robert M. Hart sold property at 117 New Lenox Road, Lenox, to Eileen T. Reilly, $233,000.

Anne Marie Malone, Margaret E. Malone, Katherine T. Malone and Anne T. Malone sold property at 38 Taconic Ave., Lenox, to Christopher P. & Veronica J. Fenton, $389,000.

North Adams

Aaron Dickey and Adams Community Bank sold property at 254 Bradley St., North Adams, to John D. and Beverly A. Cooper, $210,000.

Chad R. and Katie M. O'Neill sold property at 32 Green Ave., North Adams, to Richard A. and Debra Ciampa, $139,900.

Clayton Dalmaso sold property at 127 Hall St., North Adams, to Charles Swabey, $82,175.

Rita Y. Ciempa sold property at 155-159 River St., North Adams, to Ginko Power LLC, $130,000.


Lesli & Jeffrey Klainberg sold property at 356 Pine Road, Otis, to Carlos F. Fraga, $114,800.

Jason Burnett sold property at 129 Gibbs Road, Otis, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, trustee, $224,842.02.


Nancy Steinfeld sold property at 164 Alpine Trail, Unit 30-C, Pittsfield, to Madeline Johnston, $454,000.

Antonio R. Rincon sold property at 71 Strong Ave., Pittsfield, to Adam E. Ackerley, $139,000.

Benjamin J. Knauth sold property at 24 Faucett Lane, Pittsfield, to Nicholas J. & Laurie B. Pshenishny, $215,000.

Eugene W. Kickery, Theresa A. Kickery, Karen A. Williams, Kevin P. Williams and Karel M. Olson sold property at 40 Plastics Ave., Pittsfield, to Tammy L. Houghtlin, $121,000.

Daralyn A. Hospot sold property at 15 Crown St., Pittsfield, to Matthew Prater and Nicole Prater, $469,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 21-23 Newell St., Pittsfield, to Vincent M. McDermott, $80,000.

Starlene Lang sold property at 80-82 Hawthorne Ave., Pittsfield, to John R. Rogers, $130,000.

April Marie Gagliardi and Caitlyn Tucker sold property at 16 Morin St., Pittsfield, to Mary Jo Lambert, $100,000.

Steven A. Delmolino sold property at 39 Hull Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul A. McNeil, $75,000.

Ann C. Shea sold property at 188 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, to Lucian V. Stone, $109,500.

Robert E. & Jennie Jansen sold property at 586 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, to Arnold J. Raney and Deborah L. Raney, $95,000.

John V. Kwasniowski sold property at 26 Williamsburg Terrace, Pittsfield, to Erik Forestell, $114,000.

Rosemary T. Couture sold property at 85 McArthur St., Pittsfield, to Julie A. Gaylord, $112,500.

John R. Rogers sold property at 41 Oakhurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Matthew M. D'Avella, $144,500.


Philip M. Callan and Nancy L. Callan, trustees of the Callan Family Richmond Real Estate Trust, sold property at 456 Summit Road, Richmond, to Gregory & Marta Cutter, $275,500.


Marcia Simon Kaplan and Gary P. Simon, trustees of the Marcia Simon Kaplan Nominee Realty Trust, sold property at 2 Bean Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Alan H. & Diana Seder Simon, $425,000.


James R. Jr. & S.R. Murray RET and James R. Murray sold property at 50 May St., Williamstown, to Karl P. Belouin, $142,000.

Investors & Investors Inc. sold property at 88 Woodlawn Drive, Williamstown, to Gerard J. and Robert A. Smith, $100,000.

FT -- Family Trust

LLC -- Limited Partnership

LT -- Life Trust

NT -- Nominee Trust

RET -- Real Estate Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright 2013 by The Warren Group. The Berkshire Middle Registry of Deeds Office provides the real estate transactions recorded in the towns in its district.


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