Berkshires After Dark: A family-friendly pizza stop


If you are particularly picky about pizza, as I can be, I'd make a suggestion and tell you to try out Teddy's Pizza and Restaurant on East Street. A quaint pizza shop near a tricky intersection, Teddy's offers a family-friendly atmosphere with enough good eats and decent prices to keep the whole crew happy.

Sitting at the bar, I had a great view of the small establishment. Two families with youngsters ate their pizza while watching "Spongebob Squarepants" on one of the flatscreens. A group of older gentlemen asked to turn on the news while a soloist at the opposite end of the L ate his pizza silently, later ordering a pizza to go.

It's a comforting place, where many of these people said hello and goodbye to my waiter/bartender, Will. It was obvious many of them were regulars if not everyday friends with the people who owned and worked at Teddy's.

The walls are slightly bare, painted the color of alfredo sauce with window hangings of pepperoni red, with a few framed memories spread around here and there.

After ordering a drink from the full liquor-licensed offering, I asked Will what he recommended.

"You like pizza?" he asked. "This is my favorite."

He pointed on the menu to the spanakopita pizza -- a spinach, feta cheese and tomatoes on white. What the hey? That sounds delicious. And it was.

My order arrived in no less than 15 minutes, piping hot with a shaker of parmesan cheese. Spinach and tomato blended with the feta cheese into a perfect combination of Greek and Italian. I could see why this was Will's favorite dish. I ate only half of that pizza, but it was one of the best white pizzas I've ever had in the Berkshires. That combined with my Jack and Coke made for a great meal, with a package price of $19, which is a bit pricey, but it could be worse for a specialty pizza and mixed drink.

Three drawbacks to Teddy's are:

1.) They no longer sell pizza by the slice, but after eating half of a whole small pizza, I'd recommend a personal pie no matter what.

2.) Unless you're in the right lane, you may drive right past it, as the intersection of East and Elm streets is a little hairy.

3.) I'm 5-foot-7 inches and sitting at the bar made me feel like a little girl again, i.e. the bar stools could be a wee bit higher in my above-average-height opinion.

Teddy's seems of my childhood in a way, reminiscent of pizza shops in ‘90s with gumball machines, a jukebox, curvy polyurethane booths and old People magazines to keep you or the kids busy.

At the bar are the old favorites of Captain Morgan, Southern Comfort, Jameson, Smirnoff and several varieties of Pinnacle.

It's a place -- if I had lived here when I was younger -- to which my mom and dad would have taken me.

We'd have sat in one of the plastic booths, entranced by the cartoons on TV as I scraped all the sauce off my slice and returned the cheese back to its origins.

My dad would probably have a beer while my mom made sure we didn't break anything.

Order carry out or eat in, it's all good at Teddy's. Friendly service, good recommendations, family-oriented atmosphere and a bar to boot.

I say at least try the place and come back for seconds, thirds and 24ths.

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