Berkshires After Dark: College pub for the public



I went to the Pitcher's Mound Pub on a Tuesday night, not expecting much except a quiet crowd and small talk with four or five other patrons. I found the latter, but as the night wore on, more people -- mostly seemingly college-aged kids -- trickled in. I'm told the Pitcher's Mound is packed to the max on the weekends.

I immediately loved it. It had cool wood paneling with a wooden bar to the left as the focus of attention. It reminds me of a bar back in my college town in Kent, Ohio. From the main floor bar area, you go up a step to the right and straight ahead to reach table seating.

Located near Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, the pub draws students and, according to a sign, runs a "Beer College," every Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. challenging participant to "have one of each product [beer]," and win a T-shirt.

The pub offers a decent menu of standard bar fare and then some. Spaghetti and meatballs, steak tips, fish and chips, clam rolls and gravy fries are among all the different specials.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the kitchen stays open late for those who crave a snack later on in the evening.

With the food comes fun, and the Pitcher's Mound seems to have no end of that. Video games like Galaga and a searchable jukebox where everything from Primus to old Destiny's Child are open to anyone in the mood to drop some quarters and show off their gamer skills or music knowledge.

Each month, the Pitcher's Mound has a special drink offered. This month, the month of love, the special is the "Heartbreaker" -- a mixture of vodka, 7UP and strawberry syrup for $3. Not a bad way to celebrate Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day.

This reporter helped herself to two $4.50 Jack and Cokes. At first I thought the price wasn't as good as I'd seen at other pubs or bars. But after having a few sips I decided, the price was well-worth the infused beverage. Kudos to the bartender. He knows how to make a small cup seem big.

Established in 1988, the Pitcher's Mound is a well-rounded college bar that is open to the public and welcomes newcomers.

Offerings of pool and Keno seem to draw people from different backgrounds, while the location near MCLA (or Williams College a few miles west on Route 2) gives students a place to get to and let off some steam.

While Tuesday was relatively tame, keep in mind that college students like to party Fridays and Saturdays. Chances are that if you go out this weekend, so will the rest of the students in the dorms just up the road.

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