Berkshires After Dark: Late nights at The Grille


ADAMS -- I've been to The Grille on numerous occasions. It was introduced to me by one of my best friends, who grew up in Adams.

The first time I went, I remember thinking it reminded me of the hometown bars I went to back in Ohio: Local crowd, mix of old and young, a talkative owner and a few pretty girls working behind the bar.

I guess that is what is so attractive about owner Danny Paciorek's Grille on Summer Street.

Since it has the added allure of being open until 2 a.m., I've been game to stop, buy and have the most reasonably priced Jack and Coke in the Berkshires (as far as I know). I also visit with friends I first met there, as a mechanical deer head supervises overhead.

Paciorek is always chatty and has some of the oddest, but interesting, stories to tell. And he'll make you get gone if you're causing trouble while everyone else is trying to get their party on.

It's not a big bar, but the crackled tin ceiling and wide layout give enough room for those playing pool or trying to play a song on the jukebox.

And you're hungry, you say? Well, if you're not being completely rude, Paciorek will hook you up with something from the kitchen. It's nothing fancy, but it's delicious after a good night of partying.

I'll be frank with you: Some nights can get rowdy, while other nights, like this past Saturday, remain quiet and relaxed.

Fights break out, just like any bar, restaurant or entertainment venue. I've seen the cops pull up and I've seen some blood. But face it, that's a reality everywhere.

The bartenders at The Grille are always the nicest, welcoming with a nice smile and not overbearing. I think I've been there enough so one bartender knows what I want. But she always asks anyway.

I love The Grille. It's nitty-gritty. It shows a wonderful side of people, and also an uglier side. There are many places where you can go where waiters will pretend to like you to get what they want, i.e. a fat tip, where they think they're entitled to more than their service deserves. Then they try to boot you out as quickly as possible.

No dice, I say!

At The Grille, I feel no pressure to hurry it up -- as long as it's not a quarter ‘til 2 -- and to leave a giant tip when it's not deserved.

If you're not into town bars where people speak their minds, I'd say go hang out somewhere else.

But if you don't mind the occasional curse words or people who speak their minds (even if their minds are a bit scrambled) then The Grille welcomes you with open arms, a drink and Adams atmosphere.

The Grille Bar & Lounge: If you go

The Grille Bar & Lounge, 77 Summer St., Adams, (413) 743-9775

Open: Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. - 2 a.m., Sunday: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Dress: Whatever, however. Just be wearing a top, bottoms and shoes

Money: Cash only

Parking: On street, parking lot

Food: Standard bar fare, i.e. hot dogs and cheese plates. On

holidays, the owner puts out a big spread of food free of charge for patrons.

Entertainment: Live music on occasion, usually TBA, juke box, pool, bowling arcade game

Our rating: 1 mug, Run away; 2 mugs, Yawn; 3 mugs, Cheers; 4 mugs, "I'll be back"; 5 mugs, "Round's on me!"

Your rating: You can rate The Grille Bar & Lounge at

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