Berkshires After Dark: Movie night in 3D


Movies in 3D: You either think they're fantastic, or you absolutely disregard them.

With all the in-your-face promotions to see just about any movie in an old but "better" format -- and with more 3D TVs coming out -- it can be hard to jump on board that 3D movie train.

Then "Jurassic Park" came out in 3D in Berkshire theaters last Friday. A movie that will remain a classic to many children of the early 1990s was turned into something to be shared with a new generations of young ones. But this time in super-exciting 3D action!

This writer has yet to meet anyone who said "I really didn't like ‘Jurassic Park'," so it's safe to say that filmmakers and producers made a spectacularly good business decision to bring it back with the help of new technology.

"Jurassic Park" 3D is the first I've seen in such a format, and I'll tell those of you who fear nausea or blurred vision, that's it's not all that bad. And I have the worst vision of anybody. There were times when I had to look away and refocus.

Since the movie wasn't originally shot for 3D, it took a team to finesse the visuals. For the most part, the scenes in which several objects are stationary are the best. Of course, it was amazing to see that T-Rex chomping down on those poor kids in the Jeep, roaring like the huge beast it is. And personally, 3D Jeff Goldblum is wonderful.

One thing I did notice is that spatial values are a bit off. There's a scene in which Dr. Grant and the two kids are in a tree and a long-necked brontosaurus comes in to snack on some leaves.

In the original, if I remember correctly, that dino wasn't very close at first. But in 3D, the "giant cow" is much closer to the trio, making the anticipated snot-shot on the girl less epic.

I saw the movie at the Regal Cinema in Berkshire Mall, where the crowd was small and the seats were comfy.

Our hipsteresque 3D glasses made my friends and me look ridiculous, but those thick black frames will forever be a keepsake to remind me that I saw my favorite movie finally in a theater in 3D!

Whether you're a fan or a foe of the 3D movement, you should try it out once. And what better way than "Jurassic Park? With dinosaur action in your face for two hours, you really can't go wrong. And if you love 3D movies, you're probably wondering why I haven't gone to see more.

For me, unless it looks action-packed or a classic, I'm probably not going back anytime soon. But I can tell you that if you're looking for a fun time with friends -- or by yourself -- checking out a 3D flick is a must.

If you go ...

Where to find 3D movies?

Berkshire Mall Cinema 10 in Lanesborough, Beacon Cinema in Pittsfield, Triplex Cinema in Great Barrington, North Adams Movieplex 8, Images Cinema in Wiliamstown.

What's playing now in 3D?

"Jurassic Park," "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "The Croods," "Oz the Great and Powerful."

How to best enjoy 3D:

• Buy a kid's pack of popcorn, soda and gummy snacks.

• Sit in the center of the
theater, slightly in back, for maximum 3D action.

• If you already wear glasses, don't worry; the 3D specs will fit over yours

• Look away from the screen every so often to avoid motion sickness.

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