Bernie backers must join fight against Trump

Bernie backers must unite against Trump

To the editor:

In my letter last month I stated that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was a racist. A rebuttal letter in The Eagle tried to sidestep this issue with unfounded accusations against Democrats in and running for office.

Yes, Hillary Clinton used less than the best judgment with her private email server, but this pales alongside Trump's racist comments and his interest in cozying up with tyrants and dictators like Korea's Kim Jong-un and Russia's Vladimir Putin. He calls these dangerous and disgusting men strong leaders. Maybe this is the style of leadership he would use if elected, the Constitution be damned.

As I stated before, a misguided strongman can lead a country to possible destruction, as no system of government is guaranteed perpetual success. With this in mind I appeal to all of Bernie's supporters to suck it up and get on board the Hillary train. Your country needs your vote.

Benjamin Glick, New Ashford


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