Big Brother goes after e-cigarettes

Sunday May 5, 2013

They’re at it again, trying to pass a bill into law in California to ban e-cigarettes from the same areas as tobacco. Why? Because they say it encourages smoking in younger people, the ones who are supposedly unable to purchase cigarettes until they are 18 (New York is pushing for 21). What are the lunatics in government thinking? This is water vapor. We might as well ban those machines that use Vick’s VapoRub to produce mentholated water vapor to ease sinus and chest congestion when you have a cold.

Yes, you can purchase e-cigarettes with 3-5 mg of nicotine content or no nicotine at all. Cigarettes contain more than 30 mg. That is the addictive ingredient, but cigarettes contain more than 40 different cancer causing agents and poisons.

This is something that the government can’t put an additional tax on (cigarettes will cost more than $10 a pack July 1) and pharmaceutical companies won’t make a buck on with the sale of aides to quit smoking. The lobbyists and big-business Republicans want to have a lynching party to stop something that is good just because it affects their bottom line.

To all you Californians who are falling in line with the deceptive rhetoric these lobbyists are throwing at you, just take a step outside (especially in Los Angeles) and take a breath of air. This is not the air of cigarette smoke but the smog and pollution caused by the tons of toxins discharged every day, mainly by the emissions of vehicles. So bad is the air pollution in L.A. that on certain hot days in summer, air quality warnings are issued telling people not to go outside. These people are worried about cigarette smoke and now water vapor.

Watch out America, Big Brother is testing the waters in California, and if this bill becomes law the rest of the states will surely follow.




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