Bigger problems than bad refs

Friday September 28, 2012

Many of my family members are Green Bay Packers fans and I agree that the officiating in Monday night’s game was terrible. But what I find more horrific is child, elder, spousal and animal abuse. It is unfathomable that in this country of such vast wealth and resources, families remain homeless and hungry.

Football and other sports are games and the players will return to the field this weekend and by February the season will be over. Life is not a game, and for those enduring abuse, hunger and homelessness, their suffering will continue.

You should enjoy sports or other games of your liking but focus your outrage and indignation on the issues that matter most in our everyday lives.

You can’t change the erroneous calls of the referees, but you can change the lives of others by speaking out, donating money or food, or volunteering your time to help others less fortunate.




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