Bloomberg will take on Pittsfield's negativity

To the editor:

As a 20-year-old born and raised in Pittsfield, I grew up completely immersed in the mythology of the negativity of our local politics. I remember being taken to Joe Bruno Stadium in Troy, N.Y., for a ValleyCats game and being told, "This stadium was almost in Pittsfield, but politics got in the way." I remember going to the Berkshire Mall and being told, "This was almost in Pittsfield, but politics got in the way." Nothing good would ever happen because people were always against this or that, never for anything.

"Things have always been this way" is an excuse I've heard ad nauseum, but that I, and my generation, refuse to accept. Pittsfield needs youth and fresh ideas. Pittsfield needs people like Mike Bloomberg.

I was Mike's campaign manager for two months before leaving for school. As someone who cares deeply about what I do, I would not have worked for him unless I truly believed in his message and ability to do the job. I've seen how he operates from the inside. When Mike says something, he means it.

There is no tolerance for excuses. Mike is willing to give constructive criticism but also, more importantly, is eager to receive it. If there were ever a political candidate who is willing and able to break the cycle of negativity that has dominated our local political discourse for several decades, to move Pittsfield forward without excuses or a wait-your-turn-and-trade-votes mentality, it is Mike Bloomberg.

As of late, there has been much talk of resumes and some vague insinuations of favoritism due to Mike's last name. While his opponent was busy digging up opposition research from an old LinkedIn profile (which hadn't been updated in several years), I can promise you that he was doing one of two things: knocking on doors to hear from people like you, or burying his nose in policy briefs to figure out how to best help people like you. Like me, Mike is tired of the negativity and mudslinging. We all are. It's time to move forward.

On Sept. 8, I urge you to vote for Mike Bloomberg.

Lucas Benjamin, Pittsfield


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