Board wrong on women's memorial

Monday November 12, 2012

Now that the tumult surrounding the election is over, I would like to comment on your Oct. 31 article reporting that the Dalton Select Board had voted to move the monument honoring the women of Dalton who served our country in the military.

I was both surprised and dismayed by this decision. The picture accompanying this article would suggest that it is a poorly located intrusion in the middle of the Town Hall lawn. The article then states that the plaque is attached to a slab of cement. Both are inaccurate.

At the request of the Histor ical Committee and former women veterans, this monument was purposely located adjacent to the town memorial flagpole, the base of which is Dalton’s monument to the men who served this country in past wars. This site was chosen both for its public visibility and as an addition to Dalton’s veteran memorial. The bronze plaque is attached not to a concrete slab but to a granite monument that was donated by Savino Empire Monuments. Savino, which is owned by Donna Brewer, a Dalton resident, also absorbed much of the cost of having the plaque made.

I believe that moving this monument to a remote location behind the walls and fences of a town cemetery does a disservice to our women veterans. Do we have our own "War on Wo men"? Landscap ing is a poor reason for such a move.

Any landscape architect worth his or her salt should be able and anxious to incorporate this small monument in a way that would be dignified and maintain public visibility. I beg the Select Board to revisit this inappropriate decision.




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