Brown answers to Norquist, not state

Wednesday October 3, 2012

Who controls Scott Brown and where do his political loyalties and allegiances lie? Not me, not the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, not even the Republican Party he never mentions on his posters. Sen. Brown owes his loyalties and allegiances to a non-resident of the commonwealth, an unelected person who’s name most people in the commonwealth may not recognize. Scott Brown’s real loyalty is to Grover Norquist.

Scott Brown is one of the largely Republican politicians who signed a pledge to Mr. Norquist to never raise taxes. Period. Never mind if the needs of the people of the commonwealth and the nation require raising taxes for reasons acceptable to the people he is supposed to work for.

Mr. Brown has become one of those non-thinking politicians in Washington D.C. who don’t need to think what’s best for the voters he represents. Someone he doesn’t represent has already given him the answers. Never mind if the people who sent Sen. Brown to Washington feel it would be OK to raise taxes to support national defense, to save Social Security, to fix our nation’s roads and bridges, to help pay down the debt created by the unfunded Republican Middle East wars. He made his decision when he signed the pledge to Mr. Norquist.

His pledge to Mr. Norquist is something Mr. Brown never mentions. Kind of like he never says he’s a Republican or that he supports Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan and the Repub lican platform. Even Mr. Romney is more honest pointing out he doesn’t even care for 47 percent of American voters.

I think we should all help Mr. Brown out of the jam his pledge puts him in by electing Elizabeth Warren as our next senator from Massachusetts. She is honest and straightforward enough to tell you she’s running as a Democrat and owes her allegiance to us, her future constituents.



The writer is an unenrolled voter.


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