Brown attack makes case for Warren

Sunday September 30, 2012

Scott Brown’s performance in the first Senate debate has reconfirmed my commitment to vote for Elizabeth Warren. With all of the critical problems facing us, Brown’s attack on Warren for her Native American ethnicity was awkward, lacking conviction and just embarrassing, like a student nervously trying out for a college play. In any case, even a full-blooded Apache wearing moccasins could not teach law in any of the top schools unless he, or she, was bloody brilliant.

But more important is the fact that Brown took this route instead of spending valuable time to inform us of his achievements, and to justify his support of a right-wing party whose main goal in the last four years has been to defeat Obama in 2012 by jeopardizing the entire economy. Brown’s party, the party of No, has blocked bills and programs that would have aided tens of millions of Americans to have jobs, to rescue homes from foreclosure, to have insurance for their ill children despite pre-existing conditions, to end dribble down economics by giving more tax breaks to the richest, and even blocking, just last week with a Republican filibuster, a jobs program to aid some of the 200,000 veterans without work.

And how about the dozens of other issues that will hurt the majority of Americans thanks to Brown’s body count in the Senate. We need Warren for Massachusetts and for Ameri ca, not the party of No.


South Lee


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