Calling out the GOP

Sunday August 12, 2012


One of President Barack Obama's TV political ads hits the problem we face in the presidential race right on the button. You are not voting just to pick one man; you are voting to pick which ideology you want to govern your life for the next four years. This is why I cannot understand how an average citizen can even think about voting for the Republican Party and the programs for which it stands.

I can understand why the Koch brothers, the little gambler tycoon from Las Vegas, Clint Eastwood and all the other millionaires and billionaires can support and pledge allegiance to Mitt Romney. They are counting on him not only to sustain their way of life but to expand it, cutting out regulations that attempt to put a restraining bridle on their machinations and giving them leeway to broaden their brazen pursuits.

They are not interested in giving the common man a break. They want to break the common man until we are a nation of servants to our ruling class whose mega-PACs can pay to control the airwaves and eventually too many peoples' minds. Mitt Rom ney has been clever to try to keep the focus of his campaign on jobs. He has given no details on how he is going to create these jobs. To me it is a campaign made out of whole cloth with gaps and tears throughout the piece.

What the one-ercenters want out of this is to continue the ways that have made them im placable about their funds, their influence and their way of life. They are abetted by the religious right and socially conservatives who are against same sex marriage, abortion in any form and for any reason, and feel that the poor, the sick and the elderly should shift for themselves. They want to disrupt Social Se curity and Medicare for the worse and let education fend for itself. And at the same time they flaunt this country's values and claim that we are No. 1 at whatever game is being played. Do you see yourself as one of this group, no matter how modest your income or position in life lies?


To me, one of the most interesting conflicts between the Dem ocrats and the Republi cans has to do with the $2 trillion in gov ernment cuts that have to be made if compromises are not worked out before the January deadline. The Re publicans achieved this by threatening to deny a necessary debt-limit in crease, but Presi dent Obama fought them hard enough to put their own pet projects in jeopardy.

Now that they realize the military budget might be cut some $500 billion unless they come up with higher taxes on the rich, they are universally blaming President Obama for the problem and calling on him to fix it. To put the pressure on, Sen. John McCain and a coterie are going around to states with large military bases and suchlike, and telling them it will mean the closing of bases and the laying off of thousands of workers.

Sen. McCain has begun to bother me because I have in the past admired him for his courage and his attempts to compromise with Democrats, but now he is adamant on not giving an inch on most of the problems facing us. And then, of course, there was his judgment on the matter of Sarah Palin.

No one has questioned Penta gon expenditures in the past two decades because we have been involved in these unwinnable wars that have been bleeding us in both man and woman power without any positive results. The corrupt governments of Iraq and Afghanistan have been doing all right financially, but that is all at our expense.

An objective overview of military expenditures will show how many bases are needed and how many weapons of the future are necessary when the aliens will finally land among us. The Republicans are being hoisted by their own petard. Or by their own no-tax policy. It all depends on the forthcoming election.

Milton Bass is a regular Eagle


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