Carr sold chicks in responsible way

Friday March 29, 2013

I would like to respond to a letter in the March 25 paper written by Jessica Willis about the baby chicks being sold by Carr Hardware.

I am a retired church builder and am working part time at the new Carr Hardware store in North Adams and can assure readers and Ms. Willis that the chicks being sold were not sold as toys or trinkets or Easter decorations to celebrate the spring or Easter season. These chicks were sold at a minimum of six per person for the sole purpose of raising chickens, which has become very popular in the past few years. Most of the people who acquired chicks also came to buy their chicken feed and other chicken raising supplies and to add to the flock of chickens they already had.

I’m not sure what Ms. Willis was reading into the short report and great pictures you posted in your paper but all of the cute-as-can-be chicks I personally sold from Carr’s went to people who were definitely more educated in raising chickens than I was and were not intending them to be used for toys or cute presents to little children to celebrate the season.

I hope that Ms. Willis’s claims of selling chicks as being inappropriate and her fears of neglect and tossing them out can now be put to rest. I think her response came from a place of fear and an uneducated point of view. And on yes, Happy Easter and Happy spring to everyone!


North Adams


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