Celebrity Boxer Todd 'The Punisher' Poulton takes out protester at Trump rally


PITTSFIELD — City native and celebrity boxer Todd "The Punisher" Poulton was at the center of a fracas that broke out during Monday night's rally for Donald Trump rally in Nashua, N.H.

The Daily Mail reports that Poulton was among those attending the event at Pennichuck Middle School where a protester interrupted Trump's speech by chanting the word "fascist."

"Poulton happened to be next to the man when he and a second activist made their presence known," the Daily Mail article states.

According to NBCNews.com, "Poulton started taking him down in the middle of the crowd. The police quickly removed the protester."

Poulton, the celebrity boxing World Heavyweight Champion, is best known for sparring with former baseball star Jose Canseco and former heavyweight champion James 'Bonecrusher' Smith.

"I was just trying to make America great again," Poulton told PRNewswire.com. "It's about time that people learned some respect and manners again in this country. I don't have a problem with folks protesting before and after a speech, but you need to let the person finish their speaking engagement because that's just plain rude."

Poulton can be seen taking down the protestor in this YouTube video (begin the video around 39:47): https://youtu.be/2d4iJuBn6YM


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