Cellphones can be useful in schools

Saturday September 8, 2012

A recent letter about student cellphone usage during the day at school makes a good point; students shouldn’t be using them for social interaction during classes. But, I find it ex treme to not want any use of them all day.

I see no problem with cell phone usage at free times, especially lunch. I think they are a good tool that could be incorporated into learning. Maybe if they were already out, and students were actively using them to do research, type up papers, or anything else a smartphone is capable of, the temptation wouldn’t be so great to do things that students shouldn’t be doing with them.

Technology is just going to keep advancing and the problems with these electronic "toys" are just going to become worse. But if they become something that isn’t going to get you in trouble, and instead help you out, I think that problem wouldn’t do a sudden turnaround, but would slowly reduce.

I seriously think that using technology in the classroom is fun and exciting. It could really help those kids glued to their phones, as the writer said, get through the day easier and learn a lot more. So why ban the use of the students’ phones when they are the tool that we are looking for that could bring this generation to success in learning and in their future careers?




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