Choose Gillett in Stockbridge

Saturday May 5, 2012

The citizens of Stockbridge have a wonderful opportunity this year to elect Chuck Gillett as our newest selectman.

Chuck, with his wife Mich elle, exemplify civic involvement, community building and wise stewardship.

Chuck’s integrity has enabled him to grow and lead a successful printing company, the Studley Press. His decades of business experience in a highly competitive global arena underscore his excellent listening skills and his talent for seeing both the trees and the forest.

We who know him appreciate his direct, considerate and thoughtful manner, his capacity to say "no" without negativity and an enthusiastic "yes" when the situation warrants it.

His honesty informs everything he does. He cares deeply about his family, his neighbors, his town and the wider world.

Best of all, Chuck approaches life with a smile, an open hand and a sense of humor.

Stockbridge needs another honorable and public-spirited leader like Chuck Gillett to join our town’s selectmen.




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