Choosing the true statesman

Wednesday October 17, 2012

In his letter of Sept. 21 ("Statesman vs. politician") in defense of the Grand Old Party and the Romney/Ryan ticket, Wally Boyer quotes J.F. Clark and Austin O’Malley and ends his argument by quoting of all people Adolf Hitler. Wow! I have no idea who Clark and O’Malley are but if they advance Mr. Boyer’s argument so be it.

Mr. Boyer states that President Obama’s only claim to fame as a senator was to seldom vote on the floor of the Senate. According to Fact President Obama, while in the Illinois Legislature for eight years, voted "present" 129 times, which is little more than only 3 percent of the roughly 4,000 votes cast as a member of the state Senate.

I believe Mr. Boyer is referring to Mr. Romney when he says that one candidate speaks about facts, figures and solutions while the other (presumably the president) speaks in broad generalities to appease whatever crowd he is addressing. From all I’ve been hearing and reading, the Romney/Ryan Pact for America is largely devoid of particulars about virtually anything especially budget issues and the tax loopholes they hope to cut to lower the deficit.

Mr. Romney in the fundraising video held at the mansion of a multi-millionaire hedge fund manager in Boca Raton, Florida states that he spoke "inelegantly" when speaking off the cuff about the 47 percenters. Those were his words, inelegantly or not.

Mr. Romney will never win a popularity contest but that’s not what this election is all about. The scary part of all this is that we are at a virtual stalemate numbers wise and the vision of the "statesman" and the "politician" couldn’t be more different. My fear is that whomever is elected or re-elected, it’s gonna be more of the same. Gridlock gripping Washington, nothing being accomplished and business as usual. The president can’t do it alone. He needs the cooperation of Congress and with an obstructionist Speaker John Boehner and Mitch McConnell little progress is being made. The finger pointing goes both ways and it’s rather juvenile when so much is at stake. There’s plenty of blame to go around and consequently nothing gets done.

Don’t believe me? Opposite Mr. Boyer’s letter is a column by Nicholas Kristof who writes for the New York Times. Look back on a column by the Times’ conservative David Brooks on Sept. 19 and by E.J. Dionne Jr. in the Sept. 21 Eagle.




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