Chris Canning: Show us the money, says GOP candidate


PITTSFIELD >> I am the Republican candidate for state senator for Western Mass. in November and I have a strong bipartisan following because I represent hope for real change. Due to my extensive background in business and education, coupled with my experience in life, I understand what it means to lose a job, find a job, be a victim of a system, to overcome adversity, and to empathize with my constituents. I know how to reinvent, use creativity, expose corruption, and mend broken systems.

My primary goal is to create a clear economic vision and strategy which encourages sustainable economic growth. My economic goal is to build a stronger and more vibrant area. My priority is to bring professional, mid-level, skilled and unskilled jobs back to our counties by encouraging vocational education, academic training, and incentives to entice the business community to think of our area in terms of commerce.

I want our small businesses to become Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) certified so that they can be eligible for state contracts awarded with grants under executive order 390. After finding a loophole that cost our county a $14 million contract, I worked with Sen. Downing to change the law. A uniform procurement amendment was put into legislation requiring state agencies to give purchasing preference to Massachusetts-based corporations.

From owning companies, I speak from firsthand knowledge of the vicissitudes associated with seeking contracts. If elected, I want to repurpose agriculture, reinvent our infrastructure and renew our economic growth.

I will aggressively entice federal agencies to contract with our counties. Using my experiences from Dubai to Hong Kong, I will work to match the modern economy and global practices, such as promoting tax-free zones.

As your next senator, I want our communities to be part of an innovation train that goes beyond just sustainability. My goal is to rethink, repurpose, reinvent, and stabilize our sketchy economy. We need to encourage R & D, think tanks, and other institutions with deep financial pockets to look at our area as a game changer for investment.

If I am elected your next senator, my goal is to project more transparency, to gain financial trust, to find incentives that are reward-based, to use technology for better accountability, conduct independent analysis of payoffs on investment, and to recognize the work ethic potential of our people. Education and training are key to investment. To be vibrant we must attract potential businesses that can stimulate growth and attract like-minded businesses.

I want to promote regulatory reform. I want to coordinate better local and state rules that overlap. In the current budget system, trust line items and federal line items have the potential to be reallocated, but state line items do not have that flexibility.

As senator, I will set criteria for local investment to match our strategies and anticipated needs by supporting existing business sectors while planning for emerging sectors. I will identify priority areas for economic regeneration, infrastructure provision and environmental enhancement. Look beyond the party labels, and realize I am the best candidate to serve our areas, as my past has shown, my integrity, work ethic, ability to face adversity, and willingness to think outside the box for viable solutions.

With my experience, expertise, and education, I hope you recognize that I am a sound investment as your next public servant. Let me be what Republican U.S. Rep. Silvio Conte once was to our people. I will work to curb taxes and look at best practices so that we can have equitable growth.

I am the only candidate guaranteed to be on the November ballot as the other party has a primary runoff. Start early and prepare. Know before going into the voting booth that you want to go beyond labels. You want the best candidate available, and that is why you your vote should be for Chris Canning as the next state senator of Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden counties.


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