Christine Canning: Why I am running for state Senate


LANESBOROUGH >> I was born and raised in Berkshire County but have either lived or worked in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties over the years. I understand our area, its people, and our needs. I am highly educated, personable, demonstrate common sense, and address adversity without blinking an eye.

I am running because I can no longer watch us spiral deeper down with the nepotism, corruption, retribution and retaliation of "good old boys" networks that centralize the power at our people's expense. I am a strong person who is known for her follow through, commitment to causes, and determination to do what is correct, even at the expense of myself. If you wish to discuss my platform more in depth, contact me and I will discuss issues with your organization or group.

We live in a world where private companies play a pivotal role in economic growth and expansion. I want to encourage tax free zones because of the profits that result in other areas of the markets. During my years in the United Arab Emirates, I watched a desert turn green from open-minded innovation. I saw how businesses were invited into the region after the turnover of Hong Kong from British rule to China's. I saw Dubai grow, and the people become richer through "free zones" with the money made off of tax breaks.

I firmly believe that private companies grow the economy. As I have owned an LLC and a corporation in the commonwealth with SDO certification that have earned government contracts, I understand first hand the constraints. This is why I worked with Sen. Downing to pass an Amended Procurement Act after I realized we were losing our tax dollars to out-of-state companies.

If elected senator, I would use guerrilla marketing tactics to make our region a destination, and not just a place to visit. My work around the world has afforded me first-hand opportunities to see what can work on even the smallest of resources and budgets.

I like reading cutting edge research, trends, and being ahead of the game. The new wave will be artificial intelligence, and I'd like to make it lucrative for companies to make their base in our four-county district. I advocate resilience coupled with reinventions, so we are utilizing what is available to us by law, regulation and funding in this digital age.

Good enough is never good enough with me, because the world is constantly changing, and to keep up at a global level towns either decide to be flexible or face the consequences. You would not wear your 1970s clothes today, yet we are willing to live in a world that no longer exists.

If elected, I am going to work for a much-needed makeover by being candid, engaging in deep and rich discussions, and tweaking laws so that equity rules and not corruption. With my advanced degrees, I am able to deconstruct data to reshape areas that need improvement. Looking at successful models, I am able to make educated comparisons, and will work toward getting our people retrained in fields that offer better salaries and benefits.

In our modern world, each of us bares witness to new ideas, accelerated change, but it is difficult when our areas don't have the tools. This is why I will fight for broadband, and be bold enough to look at technologies that may surpass this service so that we stay ahead of the game as a future flagship to replicate. I want to reshape the area so we can have a business without borders, and emerge stronger by meeting the demands of supply opportunities.

As a professionally licensed teacher in four areas who is also a licensed superintendent of schools, I won't be pontificating from theories but from first-hand practice. Until our schools are up to par, property values will not rise. Many people buy at higher rates in areas with better schools. As I understand formulas, am finishing a doctorate in leadership and policy with a focus in compliance law to better equity, I will hold the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and its vendors accountable.

I will work to change our current standardized testing practice with new alternatives which meet federal mandates and cut back on the $125 million-plus payouts to testing vendors and third parties. Education has become a business, and the only one losing are the students. I have taken on different school districts to protect the health, welfare, and safety of children, and I won't stop, until I see improvements.

Lastly, my work has afforded me to live with the Taliban in Saniya, to go to the 38th parallel, train militaries and work with agents in international law enforcement through language-based opportunities. I have not been protected, or sheltered, but instead immersed myself in the cultures. I have also filed cases with our immigration system and other federal agencies, only to realize how broken the system is and where the loopholes lay. My first-hand knowledge alone in these areas make me a valuable servant for the public.

As a previous winner of the DAR, volunteer awards, service above self, and prestigious grants, I would be an excellent senator to serve on our state's committees for education, ways and means and Public Safety. I hope that Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire counties elect me as the incoming state senator this November.

Christine Canning is a Republican candidate for state senator.


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