Citizens must take on gun lobby

Sunday July 29, 2012

After there are another 20 or 30 mass shootings in America, perhaps all of the victims of all of the shootings (those who survived) and all of the families and friends of the victims who were impacted by the shootings will all join hands and hearts and begin a movement to ban assault weapons and handguns and to impose very strict licensing regulations for hunters.

Only they have the emotional force to stand up to the powerful gun lobby and bring some sanity to our country in this matter. In 50 or a hundred years -- who knows how long? -- the day may come when citizens needn’t wonder when they go to the school, the supermarket, the mall or the movies whether they will end up with a bullet in their eye, neck, arm or chest.

Politicians in favor of gun control can’t do it alone. They know they will surely be defeated by the powers that be if they say what they really think, so many of them water down their opinions. But these powers can’t stop all of the citizens everywhere. When enough people have had enough of bullets flying and when they say so loud and clear, and vote accordingly, that’s the beginning of the end for "the right to bear arms" and the reign of terror imposed by the deranged and the criminal.

Our Constitution is not infallible and our Founding Fathers could not foresee a time when sophisticated weapons un known to them would be used to destroy and maim huge numbers of innocent human lives in a time of "peace."

Until then, perhaps all of our troops should be withdrawn from the far corners of the world and stationed right here on our streets and places of business to keep the peace (we’re going to need them soon) until private ownership of guns recedes. There are more killings in our country annually than in many war zones, and somebody has to protect us from ourselves until we act and vote for strong laws.




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