Clear the roads for speeding militia

Thursday February 21, 2013

What if the writers of the U.S. Constitution thought it necessary and prudent to guarantee that, if the citizen’s militia should ever be needed again to take up arms against an aggressor, they should not be hindered by roadway speed limits as they rushed to assembly areas to form for battle? What if, having been so moved by this brilliant display of foresight, that in addition to the absolute necessity to have a constitutional guaranteed to the right to "bear arms" they added to the Second Amendment the right to travel unrestrained along any public or private road.

For certain, the NRWA (National Road Warrior Association) in concert with the NRA’s leadership would be, to this very day, bashing any attempt by any government entity to regulate the speed at which the citizens of these United States can exercise on their roads and highways.

Armor plating and roll-over-bars, mandatory! Center lane concrete barriers on every roadway? Absolutely! It would not surprise me that the next over-the-top demand by weapon-crazed zealots would be the call for a Limited Constitutional Convention for the purpose of amending/
adding to the Second Amendment, "The right of the citizen militia to travel unrestricted on any road, anywhere in the United States."




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