Clerk work readied Phillips for job

Monday September 3, 2012

I have known Jody Phillips for nearly 10 years. Jody is unique. I’ve been blessed to know some very special individuals in my life -- you’ve met them, too. Those people in our lives that you honestly can’t say a bad thing about and, what’s more, you’ve never heard anyone who has met that person say a bad thing about them. That’s Jody.

I met her when she was Pittsfield City Clerk and I was a fumbling City Council candidate. For many of us as candidates, our first and often only office that we constantly visited during our campaigns was the city clerk’s office. My go-to person, our go-to person, was Jody. I often wonder to this day, how did she deal with any of us as candidates? So many questions, forms, records, reports, offices in Boston to be contacted. Jody made it all seem easy.

And once elected, who did we go to? Jody. Because now, as councilors, we needed copies of the charter, records of an old meeting, agendas, and minutes. We also needed help with conflict of interest, campaign finance, a question to the AG’s office, a call to the secretary of state, and a million other things.

What I loved about Jody and what I still love about Jody is her sense of humor and her ability to get whatever question answered. And her staff was just as terrific -- I think they reflected the professionalism and can-do attitude of Jody. And I watched as she would listen to the public and because of her open-mindedness would change a system or service, a way of doing business that could improve or make things easier.

So, when I consider all these things, I know there is only one candidate who should be and will be our next and outstanding register of deeds. I ask you to join me in voting for my great friend Jody Phillips on Thursday.




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