Co-op is also a Non GMO retailer

Saturday March 2, 2013

I read your Feb. 26 article about Berkshire Organics and its wonderful decision to embrace the Non GMO Project and its verified product signage and education programs. I applaud Berkshire Organics for its dedication to clean food and the consumer’s right to know what they are eating and feeding their families. It takes courage to make decisions like this one, especially when it requires the removal of popular and revenue-driving products.

I know all about it because, where I work, we made the same decisions. At Berkshire Co-op Market in Great Barrington, we have been Non GMO participating retailers for almost three years.

The article insinuated that Berkshire Organics is the only store in the area that has an active GMO Awareness campaign. I am writing this letter to let your readers know that we are also there for them if they have GMO concerns. At the co-op, we label all Non GMO Project verified products and have committed to refuse any new, non-organic products that contain ingredients that are high risk for GMOs including alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, soy and sugar beets.

We are also doing what we can to eliminate products that contain GMOs from our store shelves on an ongoing basis. The GMO issue is a very difficult one to manage. Corn and soy alone are pervasive in the food market and new products are in the works every day.

If Eagle readers are looking for information that will help them manage their way through GMO food, we think they should be aware of all the resources at their disposal. A full look at our food and product policy is available at


Great Barrington

The writer is communications manager, Berkshire Co-op Market, 42 Bridge Street Great Barrington.


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