CodeRED test pushed back to Friday


PITTSFIELD -- City officials are postponing a test of the CodeRED notification system to Friday because today's scheduled test would have conflicted with the Yom Kippur observance.

The call, to ensure the emergency notification system is working for residents of Pitts field, will be Friday at 9 a.m.

City Hall received calls saying the test would interfere with Yom Kippur. Those prompted the postponement.

"We selected Wednesday morning because Wednes days typically have a lighter call volume in the police dispatch center and it seemed like a good day to test our new emergency notification system," said Mayor Daniel L. Bianchi. "I apologize for scheduling the call on a Jewish holy day."

The test call will be a recorded message from Pitts field Police Chief Michael Wynn explaining the new system. The message will also provide information on how to add cell phones and email addresses to the system.

With the new system in place, phone, text and email messages can be sent to thousands of city residents within minutes, and it can be set up to target a specific area of Pittsfield or the entire city, according to Bianchi.

For those residents who don't have land lines, they may sign up to receive alerts through their email, cell phones or via texts. Those people with unlisted phone numbers must also sign up on two municipal websites if they want to receive the emergency calls.

More information is available at,, or (413) 499-9322.


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