Connor Meehan, Danielle Orlando win individual races in cross-country meet at Wahconah


DALTON >> Another race, another win for Drury's Connor Meehan.

The Blue Devil senior cruised to a first-place finish at Wahconah on Wednesday afternoon, taking the boys race in a time of 16 minutes, 46 seconds on the five-kilometer course. Pittsfield's Greg Fournier, who finished second, came across in 17:38.2.

"I felt pretty good today," Meehan said. "I worked a lot on my form, tried to stay loose throughout the race."

It was Meehan's third event win in as many races, and his second straight win at Wahconah after he raced there in Week 2.

On the girls' side, Danielle Orlando won her first race of the season, beating out sister Gabby by three seconds to finish first. Danielle ran in 20:51.4 on Wednesday, while Gabby finished in 20:54.2. Their finishes helped Wahconah to a pair of team wins on the day, as the Warriors topped Hoosac Valley (21-38) and Pittsfield (18-44).

"I thought it was a good race," Danielle Orlando said. "It's hard with people behind you, but I felt pretty good the whole race, mentally mostly, trying to stay strong during the race. I felt good. I know the second hill is where I try to push it the hardest. That's kind of what helped me through the whole race."

The Hoosac girls defeated Drury 21-37, and the Taconic girls topped Drury 20-33. For the boys, Taconic topped Hoosac Valley (15-50) and Wahconah (18-43), while the Pittsfield boys beat Taconic 22-33 and the Hoosac Valley and Wahconah boys scored 15-50 forfeit wins over Drury, which does not field a full team.

"We gauge ourselves with Greylock, but we also knew today was a big race against Taconic," PHS coach Mike Ortega said of beating Taconic, a team the Generals beat via tiebreaker in Week 1. "We've been practicing well every day. The kids are putting the work in and every week we are getting better and better."

Meehan dropped over 30 seconds off his time from a week prior, a feat that the senior was happy to accomplish.

"We ran here last week and I was 17:17, and this week 16:45," Meehan said. "Thirty-five seconds, something like that, feels pretty good. I had a pretty good week of training."

Rounding out the top 5 finishers for the boys was Fournier, Pittsfield's Lucas Godwin (17:45.7) and Paul Wales (17:58), and Taconic's Ryan Serre (18:03.9).

"All three of those top three guys are coming along really well," Ortega said. "Greg has been steady all year. Lucas was a little under the weather, and he stepped up today fantastically. His effort today showed great determination in regard to how we did. Paul, he's just starting to come along really well, figuring it out."

For the girls, Pittsfield's Lessley Columna (20:54.9) was third, Wahconah's Katerina Bruce (21:07.5) was fourth and Hoosac Valley's Jamie Barthe (21:34.9) was fifth.

"I did my best, but it's definitely hard to come in second," Gabby Orlando said, "but it was definitely good for the team. I'm glad [that] if I were to come in second to anyone that it would be her."

Hoosac Valley, Pittsfield and Wahconah head to Mount Everett next Tuesday to race, while Drury heads to Taconic as the Braves host a race on Wednesday.



Team scores — Hoosac Valley def. Drury 15-50, Wahconah def. Drury 15-50, Taconic def. Hoosac Valley 15-50, Taconic def. Wahconah 18-43, Pittsfield def. Taconic 22-33.

Top 20 — 1. Connor Meehan (D), 16:46.9. 2. Greg Fournier (P), 17:38.2. 3. Lucas Godwin (P), 17:45.7. 4. Paul Wales (P), 17:58. 5. Ryan Serre (T), 18:03.9. 6. Trevor Pelkey (T), 18:33.9. 7. Noah Shepardson (P), 18:18.2. 8. Dan Brainerd (W), 18:25.7. 9. Brandon Pelkey (T), 18:33.9. 10. Zabion Powell (T), 18:34.5. 11. Jake Paris (T), 18:38.8. 12. Steve Taglieri (P), 18:50.3. 13. Adam Shepardson (P), 19:09.7. 14. Chris Campos (W), 19:12.3. 15. Noah Kimbal-Dimbitzer (P), 19:15.7. 16. Gabe Carrington (T), 19:15.8. 17. Mike LaFrenrere (T), 19:33.6. 18. Ethan Beach (P), 19:43.4. 19. Anthony Curcio (P), 19:49.6. 20. Sam Pyser (W), 19:52.9.


Team scores — Hoosac Valley def. Drury 21-37, Taconic def. Drury 20-33, Wahconah def. Hoosac Valley 21-38, Wahconah def. Pittsfield 18-44.

Top 20 — 1. Danielle Orlando (W), 20:51.4. 2. Gabrielle Orlando (W), 20:54.2. 3. Lessley Columna (P), 20:54.9. 4. Katerina Bruce (W), 21:07.5. 5. Jamie Barthe (HV), 21:34.9. 6. Nataya Cilli (HV), 21:56.6. 7. Brooke DiGennaro (D), 22:21.4. 8. Paige Barrow (HV), 22:32.6. 9. Jessica Houle (W), 22:35.2. 10. Corry Psutka (W), 22:49.8. 11. Madelyn Wendling (W), 22:50.4. 12. Cassidy Sandy (P), 22:52.5. 13. Emily Hart (W), 23:10.5. 14. Emelyn Theriault (P), 23:26.9. 15. Julia Jacobsson (P), 23:48.3. 16. Carli Scolforo (T), 23:51.8. 17. Mary Hayes (T), 23:59.5. 18. Aubrey Lazits (T), 24:03.6. 19. Olivia Douhan (P), 24:09.2. 20. Mary Decelles (T), 24:12.5.


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