Council's methodology is the issue

Friday May 11, 2012

In his May 9 letter titled "Money well spent on Lee council," Sam Sorrentino gives credit to the Cultural Council in Lee for supporting events in Lee. What he doesn’t say, however, is that money raised by the former council and intended to go directly to artists, hu manities specialists and interpretive scientists was spent by the council to pay an events planner. That money was solicited from local businesses and organizations to fund grants to individual performers, not an events planner.

If the current council needed funds to pay an events planner, why didn’t it raise its own funds? Since fall of 2010, when the current council took over, it has raised virtually nothing. Had it done so, its request for matching funds from the town would be more legitimate.

Further in his letter, Sor ren tino says " Š we have not yet nurtured Š the minds, bodies and spirits of our community; our people." I suspect the people in the Lee Public School system might object to that. And hadn’t the previous Cul tural Council been doing just that -- nurturing the spirit of the people in the community for many years when it handed out grants to artists, humanities specialists, and interpretive scientists without an events planner?

I am certainly not against bringing cultural events to Lee. It is the manner in which this is being done that disturbs me and other members of the former Cultural Council as well as members of the town itself.




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