Critics of Catholic Church show bias

Saturday March 9, 2013

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr. once referred to anti-Catholic prejudice as "the deepest held bias in the history of the American people." Lately, reading the editorial page in The Eagle would affirm this belief.

The latest letter to the editor to lambaste the Catholic Church was written by Aaron Lebrovic ("Church hurt by medieval attitude on sex, women, March 4.) In this diatribe he lists all that he professes to be wrong with the Church and its need to change to accommodate modern times. In his opinion, the Church needs to allow women "priestesses" in order to end the misogyny; it needs to allow married priests to put a stop to sexual abuse; and it needs to stop forcing women to be "barefoot and pregnant" servants of men.

I have met many Catholics and have yet to see any female servants that are forced to remain barefoot and pregnant. Does Lebrovic have such a low opinion of Catholic women that he assumes they are all allowing themselves to be controlled in such a manner? He also labels the Church as misogynistic because it does not allow women to become priests. Interesting how Orthodox Judaism or Islam avoids this label. Many organizations don’t even allow women to become members.

Where is the outrage over the misogyny of the Freemasons, the Boy Scouts, the college fraternities or the NFL? There are two genders in this world and they play two different roles. I cannot become a priest just as Mr. Lebrovic cannot give birth to a child.

It is also faulty logic to state that abolishing priestly celibacy would eliminate sexual abuse. The priests that committed such crimes were deviants. They had an unhealthy appetite for unnatural sex. Allowing them to have sex would be like using marijuana to fight a heroin addiction. The priestly sex abuse scandal was tragic. It was also greatly exaggerated and it is quickly losing its firepower against the Church.

The Catholic Church has weathered many storms and still stands tall today. The Church was established by Jesus Christ and it is guided by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will also be the one to guide the Church through this next transition. Thankfully, it will not be the Anti-Catholic bigots that have been wasting space on the editorial pages of The Eagle.




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