Dalton Lions Club circus a success

Thursday July 19, 2012

The Dalton Lions Club 18th circus event was a success. Hot weather on Saturday and a youth soccer tournament kept attendance down a bit. Overall the Lions Club made a profit and plans to bring the Kelly Miller Circus back next year earlier in July.

I would like to respond to the two letters from Cathleen D. Groves (July 12) and Marnie Meyers (July 13). Ms. Groves, the Lions Club does indeed help others. We have many different fundraisers each year. I have three poodles who I love very much. I always check each year to see that the circus animals get proper care. The Lions Club has sponsored circuses for 18 years, always with animals, as that is what the patrons want to see.

You said go to circuses.com. That is the website of PETA. To learn all about this radical animals rights group go to www.consumerfreedom.com and the IRS website. There you will learn just how much they do not care for animals!

Say what you want about the circus, but Ms. Meyers stooped to a new low in telling those who truly care about the Lions Club and our children's program to not help us. Our children's program has many great sponsors. Those groups who receive the tickets really appreciate them.

I am sure you are aware also that wild animals are losing their natural habitat as man takes over the land. Tigers and elephants are killed by poachers. Animals in the circuses are cared for 24 hours a day and sometimes get better care than our own pets. I am sure you are aware that the founder of PETA is against all pet ownership, even our beloved cats and dogs! Your numbers protesting have gone down each year. Could it be that members are starting to see what the radical national animal rights groups are all about? Bring PETA and they can tell us what they do with the millions they raise each year and what their kill rate is for the pets they take in to be placed in homes.

We thank all those in our town and all over Berkshire County who support our programs. In this great country of ours founded by our forefathers we had freedom of choice. Now too many radical groups are trying to take these rights away from us. Do not support them!



The writer is Dalton Lions Club publicity chairman.


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