Defeat minority to end minority rule

Tuesday April 23, 2013

I find it unfathomable that the U.S. Senate’s minority was able to thwart the will of the majority of Americans regarding legislation that would require consistent mandatory background checks for all gun sales.

Before anyone shoots off (pun intended) a response that I am an anti-gun nut, my position on guns has changed substantially over the years. I understand and support the right for Americans to be able to own conventional weapons for self-protection, collecting, and sport. However, that right must, as laid out in the Second Amendment, be well-regulated. Felons, those with a history of domestic violence, and the mentally unbalanced should not be able to purchase weapons. That is nothing more than logical.

Most Americans think that they are precluded from purchasing weapons already, but they aren’t. They simply don’t buy them from dealers. Over 40 percent of weapons sales currently are private, over the Internet, or at gun shows in the parking lot, where routine background checks are not done.

The penalties also must be severe for those purchasing weapons for those who can’t pass a background check. That’s called being an accomplice to a crime, isn’t it? Automatic weapons are weapons of war. Police should never find themselves facing the barrels of these weapons, nor does a law-abiding citizen have any need for clips that fire more than 10 rounds, despite the whining to the contrary. And someone long ago should have been confirmed to lead the ATF. Exactly where is the unreasonable scary part in any of this? I guess if you are criminal or are unbalanced, you would find these regulations (hence, the "well-regulated" part) unfair. Tough.

The minority’s manipulation of Senate rules that allowed them to defeat common sense, widely publicly supported consistent background checks is wrong, and it is a cowardly kow-tow to the self-serving, bottom line driven, gun industry owned NRA.

Yes, minority, you won this battle. However, come election time, this will not be forgotten, and you will find yourself on the losing side. You will have plenty of time at home to contemplate how you should have done the right thing and supported a very reasonable gun control measure.




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