Defense rests in Adam Lee Hall murder trial; closings Monday


SPRINGFIELD -- The evidence has been presented and soon the jurors in the Adam Lee Hall murder trial will begin deliberations on 19 charges.

Hall's attorney, Alan J. Black, rested his case in Hampden Superior Court on Friday without his client taking the stand.

He told the court he spoke with Hall and based on discussions they have had both over the course of the trial and more recently, Hall decided not to testify in his own defense.

Black and Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless will give their final summations on Monday. Then Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder will explain the elements of the law and give other relevant instructions to the jurors, who then will begin their deliberations.

Over the last two weeks, Capeless has presented the prosecution's case with the assistance of First Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Paul J. Caccaviello and ADA Gregory Barry.

In essence, the trial was actually three trials in one, with three separate sets of charges against Hall in which David Glasser was a victim from 2009, 2010 and 2011.

In the first case, Hall is accused of beating Glasser with a baseball bat and forcing him to sign over the title to his truck.

In the 2010 case, several witnesses testified Hall had enlisted them to help fake an armed robbery in rural upstate New York in order to frame Glasser and discredit him as a witness in an upcoming trial on the first set of charges. Hall's three co-defendants -- including two ex-girlfriends -- testified the plan had been masterminded by Hall. All three of these witnesses are themselves facing similar charges as Hall, which include kidnapping and felony gun charges.

The most serious charges against Hall, multiple counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation, stem from the alleged abduction and killing of Glasser, his roommate Edward Frampton, and their friend, Robert Chadwell, who disappeared from an apartment on Linden Street in Pittsfield during Tropical Storm Irene in late August 2011.

Black has focused on the fact that there is no DNA or other forensic evidence linking his client to any of the crimes, as well the absence of the murder weapons or evidence as to where the killings took place.

The victims' remains -- in 14 garbage bags -- were uncovered on private property on Woodmere Road in Becket about 10 days after the men disappeared.

Among the many witnesses who testified concerning the 2011 charges was David Casey, 65, or Canaan, N.Y., who alleged Hall had frightened him into helping dispose of the victims' remains using his excavator.

During testimony given on Jan. 23, Casey described to the jury the details of the killings that he said Hall had told him about.

According to Casey's testimony, the men were shot, stabbed, "gutted" and after death their bodies were "chopped up."

Glasser begged for his life as Hall told him "I warned you what would happen if you testified against me," Casey said.

Hall also allegedly told Casey he had picked up Glasser's severed head and commented about how ugly he was.

Casey continues to be held at the Berkshire County Jail on $1 million bail as an accessory to the crimes.

According to the medical examiner in the case, Dr. Jennifer Hammers, there were numerous stab wounds and blunt force injuries she believed happened before death. The men had also been shot with a .45 caliber weapon several times.

Capeless alleged Hall and his two co-defendants, David Chalue and Caius Veiovis, had tortured the men before killing them.

Black's sole witness, Dr. Jonathan Arden, a forensic pathologist, testified that he believed the victims had not been tortured, but that the wounds were made postmortem, based on his examination of the forensic documents in the case.

Hall remains in custody without the right to bail, as do his co-defendants.

Chalue and Veiovis are scheduled to go to trial following the conclusion of Hall's case. Chalue's trial is scheduled to start in April, with Veiovis possibly going to trial in June.

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