Deming Park issue is easy to correct

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Regarding the May 10 letter from Katie Haviland, I, too, know what it is like to live near Deming Park. My husband and I have lived here for 49 years and have slowly gotten accustomed to the traffic over these many years.

I knew there was an issue with the Havilands when the screening was put up to prevent foul balls from finding their way into the yards of the neighbors on Meadow Lane. For some unknown reason the fencing was stopped at the house just before the Havilands’ house. There had been a meeting about moving the Babe Ruth field just over the fence on Meadow Lane. Had I known about the meeting I would have attended to listen and possibly give some input. I can understand the Havilands’ anger at the situation. They had mentioned it to me and, while I did make a couple of calls, I never followed through. I wish I had been able to assist them more, but I had other issues at that time.

The Havilands are a lovely couple with two children, who have not been able to sit in their own backyard because it is dangerous. I cannot understand why the wire fencing stopped one house down from the Haviland’s since their house, too, abuts Deming Park. To say the least, this was shortsighted of those responsible. The situation should be corrected, with the wire fencing installed to protect the Haviland’s yard, as well as their neighbor’s.

One other issue is the motorcycles who rev up their motors late at night and often wake someone from a sound sleep. Whether a young family or retired seniors, all of us want to be able to enjoy our homes. But that is another subject for some other time.




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