Democrats make U.S. an evil nation

Thursday September 27, 2012

Jeffrey Reel's letter ("Hypo crisy of the Christian right," Sept. 23) just goes to show you why America is on the decline: Americans have betrayed Christ. Letter writer Ronald Desilet (Sept. 16) was correct: you cannot vote Democrat and be a devout Christian.

For example, President Oba ma is for abortion, gay marriage, etc. If you vote him in you are enabling us to continue in these sins and therefore become partaker of his deeds.

Reel's letter shows a misunderstanding and contempt for scripture.

1. Jesus did not teach unconditional acceptance. He forgave and said, "go and sin no more." He preached that only through obedience and faith in his word can someone be saved. Jesus preached about a coming judgment, heaven and hell. He also made it very clear: most of mankind will not make it to heaven. According to his parables, half the church wouldn't make it there either. He never once preached about purgatory. It was heaven or hell. No second chances after this life.

2. Reel fails to make the distinction between killing an innocent life and killing in war. War has to do with justice. If the leaders of a land are evil, blame those leaders for collateral damage. We live in a savage world. Abortion is killing innocent children as a convenience while calling them fetuses. It is an abomination.

3. God never condoned rape. They were a lawless people living in a lawless day. God shows himself in dispensations. For example, God permitted di vorce in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus re vealed that God detests di vorce and that it was permitted because of their hard hearts. Gay marriage proponents like to quote the Old Testament to belittle Holy Scriptures and Christians. The Old Testament was for then. The New Testa ment is for now.

4. What will alienate Islam more than anything is gay marriage. I've been told by Muslims that gay marriage alone convinces Islam of Am erica's debauchery. Abortion, gay marriage, porn.... That is why Islam believes the U.S. is evil. Thanks to Democrats, the U.S. is evil. In the Middle East, you'd be dead if you promoted any of these sins.




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