Derek Gentile: Lapse in auto registration, inspection magnifies visibility


PITTSFIELD >> Random thoughts while sitting on the bench in front of my apartment last week (when it was really warm).

Have you ever noticed that when your registration, license plates, sticker and license are all up-to-date, you drive to and from work without ever seeing a police car?

On the other hand, when any of those are a day or two or three (or, I admit, more) out-of-date, police cars pull up behind you on the road, park next to you on the street and pass you on Route 7 or Route 8 all the time.

Just for the record, I am current on my automobile and insurance payments. This is just more or less a little paranoia.

I'm one of the few people in the Eagle newsroom that watches both "The Family Guy" and "Downton Abbey" regularly. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I usually end up explaining one show or the other to my friends, as they've usually only seen one or the other.

I do want to say that Brian the dog on "Family Guy" is by far the most interesting anthropomorphic animal on TV today, or ever. Top Cat was cool, but he didn't drive a Prius. Or write a novel.

I think Carolina can beat Denver in the super Bowl. But then again, I thought the Patriots could beat Denver in the AFC championship game. So take it all with a grain of salt.

Still on sports, what do you think is the most famous score in American sports history? I was thinking 16-7, which was the score of the Jets' win over the Colts in Super Bowl II. But if anyone else has thoughts about that, email me.

Kudos to the Pittsfield Police for catching the guy who is allegedly responsible for all these armed robberies to local businesses. I know some folks who work at stores like this (not these specific stores), and the word was, people on the later shifts were calling in husbands and boyfriends or wives and girlfriends to drive by the stores regularly to check on them.

Have you ever noticed that most of the commercials on television advertise food you really shouldn't eat regularly? Big bacon cheeseburgers, endless orders of french fries, chocolate everything. I really like these kinds of food, but I feel intimidated that I don't eat them every day.

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