Digital Dish: Adding more ways to speed news to you


One of my favorite things is synchronization. The ability to sync up multiple gadgets has always been something amazing to me, especially in the field of journalism. Whether its watches or calendars, we have multiple ways to keep track of meetings and events.

I recently synced up my company iPad with my Gmail account, giving me the ability to create calendar events on my iPad that would then transfer over to my Gmail account when I view them from my laptop, and vice versa. Sometimes I forget one or the other when I'm out or at work, so having that synchronization gives me some leeway in my scheduling.

Something we're working on at The Eagle is syncing up breaking news alerts with our mobile apps. When something extremely important happens, we want to be the ones who tell you as soon as possible. That's why talk within the newsroom has been about how digital can jumpstart coverage, leading to the final print product.

Our eventual goal is to have our website synced with our mobile apps to the point where breaking news alerts can be controlled and delivered in a way that is better for the reader on the go.

With some time and patience, The Eagle will soon be able to start alerting your smartphones and iPads when breaking news happens, even if it's just a small tidbit of information. From there, we'll continue to build our story, giving more detail and adding more multimedia elements. Once we get all the technology down, we're hoping our readers will then stay with a story, following our updates and even helping us with some minor details.

What we hope to accomplish is getting factual tidbits of information out to readers quickly and precisely with the use of our mobile apps, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platform we have. From there, we'll be able to continue to gather information to build a complete story.

Many people have been asking why? Why throw out a small tidbit of info then and there instead of waiting for all the information at once? I think the answer is because we can. We can get an initial piece of knowledge and alert the community. We can follow a story closely and report new details as they come in. By dishing out this accurate info right away, we're building a comprehensive story to be published in the next day's paper and to be posted online. We'll be able to see the whole picture and create different ways of sharing a story.

We want to alert the community with news as it happens. We may not have all the details at once, but if there's a fire or a break-in, we want to have any and all information out to the public as soon as possible.

Our goal is to synchronize our delivery of news with the news. We're learning new ways to give readers interesting and informative news every day.

With mobile apps like Tout - a video uploading application - and Instagram -- a photo- sharing application - we're utilizing the Internet to our - and your - advantage. With these different outlets, news is being ingested and digested however the reader likes it. Photos, video, the written word? We're working on having it all in forms that are engaging and hermeneutic for our readers.

Laura Lofgren is the online editor at The Eagle.


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