Digital Dish: Autumn love and all about Tumblr


Finally! My favorite season has begun, and you can feel it in the Berkshire air. Fall is not only the best time of year because my birthday is in November, but because of the colors, the holidays, the clothes and the events.

As the colors change in the trees, so do people's priorities. Some are still getting back into the swing of school; some, like myself, may still be recuperating from a lengthy vacation; and others may have decided to start their New Year's resolutions early.

For me, I'm re-broadcasting a more personalized digital outlet I began about two years ago now: my blog. (Cue dramatic music, please.)

For those who don't know or don't care what a blog is, I'll tell you: It's basically a digital platform for personalized news. I was taught in college that in order to succeed in the journalism field, you should start a blog. So I did. And it died. So I started another one. And I let that one go like my figure at Christmastime.

So I'm reinstating my blog and writing (as knowledgable as I can) about autumn-themed events I attend, businesses I try and beer. I love pumpkin ales. I've been praised and booed for my infatuation, but I believe there really are two types of people in the world: Those who love pumpkin ales and those who don't. As you can guess, those who don't aren't on my best friends list.

I use Tumblr for my blog because it's amazingly simple but looks pretty nice once you find a layout that suits you. At lauraonatrain.tumblr.
com, I currently have a few Instagram photos from my Washington adventure up there, but I'm making a promise to continue my reviews of Berkshire County bests and worsts, but with a more personal (and hopefully humorous) spin.

You can find my blog and several others at, by the way!


A fact I want to boast a bit is that The Eagle's Facebook page surpassed 10,000 likes. This is huge because I have been waiting for that day since I started my position as online editor.

It's pretty cool to know more than 10,000 people are in tune with our page. They might not check it every day, but our newsfeed does show up on theirs and we're getting important information out to readers faster than ever. While some news takes some time to aggregate and vet, we appreciate everyone's need for news. We'll get the facts straight as soon as possible in breaking news, and not a moment sooner.


I think you'll like this website change: We're streamlining our Lifestyles and Entertainment sections. In the drop-down menus, you'll see some tabs have been merged to better organize similar news content.

Our pets and books stories now appear within the Entertainment section. Our Sunday arts features are now called Berkshire Lifestyles. Berkshires After Dark reviews are within The 413 section. And all of the Berkshires Week calendars (the nightlife calendar, exhibits, etc.) are under the Berkshires Week calendars drop-down menu. I'm hoping local arts and entertainment news will be easier to find with this consolidation, especially on the weekends.


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