Digital Dish: Big changes will keep us organized


As of late, there have been many changes here in The Berkshire Eagle. There are some new faces (who you can read about in our updated "contact us" section of the website, here laying out pages and gathering content for both the digital and the print side of the newsroom. I'm pretty sure I've seen some new faces over in the advertising department, too.

But I wanted to touch upon two recent changes specifically.

First, we've finally come into the realm of awesome email! Across the board, our company has transitioned over to Gmail. Powered by Google, we're talking about being better organized, having date reminders set, filtering emails into appropriate categories, discussing topics in a group format and more.

My hope with Gmail is to eventually get everyone looking at the same Google docs and to get people on the same page, so to speak. What can really benefit us here is the ability to go back and look at a budgets or press releases without searching through piles of paper. We'll be able to search through emails easily and not worry about losing anything.

I've had a personal Gmail account for some time now, and I love it. One plus is keeping one consistent thread with several people, all bundled in one email. And the fact that we can organize incoming emails to go into a folder for, say, press releases and another folder for Twitter and Facebook updates is pretty nifty. As an online editor, I couldn't be happier with this transition. Any and all emails will be searchable, and URL links will not be broken anymore!

And while it'll take us all some getting used to, I'm positive this new system will end up making life a bit easier for all of us here in the newsroom.


My second big announcement is our High School Extra section has been updated. Thanks to North Adams Transcript sports editor Josh Colligan and I, we've reformatted stats, standings and schedules, along with a weekly preps feature. Colligan was able to get the tabling just right in the different sections, making the overall organization of each piece easy to understand.

Throughout the season, our sports reporters from both The Eagle and the North Adams Transcript will be updating your favorite high school sports team's information and featuring key players in a well-rounded story.

On top of High School Extra numbers, we'll be Touting videos of interviews with players and keeping you posted during games via Twitter.

Check out High School Extra at And follow @EagleSportsZone on Twitter for all the latest gameplay.


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