Doing right by townspeople of Peru


At a recent Zoning Board of Appeals meeting in Peru, it was stated by one member of the ZBA that it is their job to "act in the best interest of the town." This made me wonder, what exactly is a town? Isn't it the people? I consulted my trusty Merriam-Webster dictionary to find a definition and there it was: town (n) - the people in a town.

Our ZBA is faced with a special permit application from Lightship Energy LLC, to build a five- turbine ( three megawatts each) wind farm on a ridgeline here in Peru. This application has already caused two special town meetings, where more than half of the town's people have voted against this project in one form or another. This seems as though the people in the town are not in favor of this project. Aren't we actually the town? If this is so, then acting in the best interest of the town would be to act in the best interest of the people.

The people in this town are the people who wave hello and give you a smile when you pass them by; they are people who help their neighbors when they are homebound; they are the people who pull out random strangers when they get stuck on these roads and most of all, the people in this town are the type of people who you want as your neighbors because you know, if you just ask, they will give you the shirt off their back. We are the town.

Be heard Peru, attend your ZBA meetings. They are open to the public; find out what is going on. Most importantly, attend the ZBA public hearings. Anyone can talk at these, including people from other towns. We all have a voice in this - after all we are the town.




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