Domino effect threatens Sheffield


To the editor of THE EAGLE:

There’s no greater cause than to defend your rights and stand up for justice! I moved to Sheffield many years ago because of its beautiful countryside, open fields, gurgling streams, and nature at its very best. That’s a lot to stand up for and we are so fortunate to have this beautiful environment in our backyard.

I believe we have to stop and think what Dollar General really means to our town, its people, businesses and future. Growth is "smart" when it gives us great communities, with more choices and personal freedom, good return on public investment, greater opportunity across the community, a thriving natural environment, and a legacy we can be proud to leave our children and grandchildren.

What’s the reality of having Dollar General? Sheffield will be changed forever. Many local businesses will suffer the impact of Dollar General’s predatory business model. With local profits declining, local merchants will be forced to downsize or close. Jobs will be eliminated and no longer will there be local support for the farmers, artist and other local products. Contributions to charities, community organizations and improvements will follow suit. The once quaint historic town of Sheffield with product diversity will be replaced with the Dollar General store that offers out-of-state products, a few part-time minimum wage positions without benefits, and to boot, profits will go out-of-state.

It’s a domino effect my friends. When revenues are sucked up and profits are no longer funding local charities and nonprofits, all will feel the negative effect. Studies show that our homes will depreciate and Sheffield will no longer be that quaint, historic town that we all once knew.




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