Don't ban technology, embrace it

Monday September 10, 2012

In response to the letter "Ban student use of cell- phones," I completely disagree. I am a 16-year-old junior from Mount Greylock High School and I think that instead of banning the use of cell- phones in school atmospheres I believe that the teachers and students should use them more often. I think that letting students use their cell phones in class to work on certain projects is a great way to help the kids focus better.

For me and most of the students I know, listening to music makes them focus on what they’re doing better, but since most schools won’t let us take out our phones we can’t focus as much as we could. We are in a new technological age where technology is all around us. I think that letting the teachers and students use cell- phones or other devices will enable more learning for everyone.

I also think banning cell- phones is dangerous. If a parent has an emergency and needs to reach their child they cannot do it easily if their cellphones are disabled. A lot of cellphones now are very smart and can do almost anything. Instead of shunning the cellphones, schools need to embrace the brilliant and handy technology that most people have on them all the time.




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