Don't deprive smokers of their vice

Sunday November 25, 2012

In regard to the Nov. 19 editorial "Smoking ban at BCC," I disagree. While I, as a smoker, understand the risks, a ban will do nothing to stop smoking on campus. As mentioned in the news article, smokers will find new places to smoke, such as going to their car or just dismissing the idea and continuing to smoke in the designated huts.

Some people just like to smoke; they don't care about the risks or the money wasted. Offering a smoking cessation program is a good idea but it will only bring in a few of the hundred or so that smoke at BCC alone. A cigarette can sometimes help us get through a tough day, calm our nerves before a big test, or help take away some of the stress after a hard class, for both students and teachers alike.

I don't promote smoking, but for those of us who do, why take away something like this that will be dismissed with the blink of an eye? If we are isolated, off the walkways and away from the doors, what does it matter? If we want to stand in the cold and smoke, so be it. Let us indulge in our own stupidity.




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