Don't deprive the people of weapons

Thursday January 17, 2013

I see a lot of hypocrisy in this gun control debate. Innocents are killed in the Newtown shooting and the president sheds a tear. Yet he supports the right of the Newtown parents to kill those same children in the womb for convenience. Hypocrites!

The private school Obama’s children attend have many armed guards. The best private schools have armed guards. Hypocrites! The NRA’s suggestion is a good one.

What isn’t an assault rifle? There are hunting rifles that can inflict more damage than an assault rifle. Assault rifles have been around for 35 years but they have never made the news until recently! Yet you blame the Second Amendment and not the First Amendment?

Our Constitution has served us well. Our founders said "We the people" have the right to bear arms so that a standing army cannot rule over us! Make no mistake -- that was their intent. You’re all so safe and spoiled. You don’t recognize or appreciate the incredible value of the Second Amendment. You think the Constitution is outdated? We live in a world with suitcase nukes! How long will the U.S. remain safe and spoiled in this kind of world?

The right set of circumstances can lead to martial law in this country. From there, anything can happen. The right to bear arms is an insurance policy for "the people."

Government is run by humans. Some are selfless. Some are selfish. Some lust for power and legacy. Why do you think Andrew Cuomo raced to be the first to change gun laws after Newtown? He wants to be president some day. Michael Bloomberg is looking for his legacy. That’s why he spent so much personal money to win office. Ego.

In a time of turmoil coupled with the wrong leaders, anything can happen, including loss of freedom and scrapping the Constitution! Today’s fearful, wimpy Americans will gladly give it all up for immediate solutions. Any people who would abort their children for convenience will abort anything/anyone else for convenience too.

Visit YouTube and search for "armed citizen." Learn about all of the lives saved by personal firearms. If two intruders break in, a five-round magazine is insufficient. The essence of freedom is property and a gun.

What makes the First Amendment so beautiful is the Second Amendment -- the right to defend the First Amendment with firepower. NANCY REED



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