Don't lose rights for a false security

Sunday January 6, 2013

In reference to the Jan. 3 letter of Joyce Scheffey and Kenneth Herligh, while I absolutely denounce gun violence in the United States, I also denounce violence with knives, machetes, gasoline, baseball bats, hammers and all other tools/items used to assault others.

The idea of banning any specific firearm or group of firearms is a feel good measure at most. I have friends in the U.K. and Australia, two countries that as pointed out have far-reaching gun laws. The folks from both of those countries confirm what any law abiding gun owner will tell you. The criminals will not hand over their guns. Instead, the use of firearms in crime will continue to proliferate and the law-abiding citizenry will be helpless to defend themselves.

In addition, I have heard semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15 called "assault rifles." They are no more an assault rifle than a Ruger 10-22 is. They are a semiautomatic sporting rifle which takes individual pulls of the trigger to fire a shot. Assault rifles are by definition, automatic weapons, that will continue to fire with one pull of the trigger until either empty or the trigger is released.

When asked "Why do you need an AR-15 rifle?," my answer is because I want one. I enjoy shooting at the firing range with it. I excel at it. I don’t have it for defense, to overthrow the government or any other nefarious purpose. I have it because I want to.

Let’s not give away rights for a false sense of security. I have no issue whatsoever with background checks for all firearms sales, I even would suggest having a requirement to prove competency to handle firearms safely each time a FID or LTC is issued. Let’s just be sensible.




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