Dorothy van den Honert: Nasty, nosy nannies should drop restroom fixation


PITTSFIELD >> What a country of nasty busy-bodies we are. Why on earth is it anybody's business what somebody else's gender is? It is pathetic, in my (strongly held) opinion to feel you need to know whether a person is (really) male, or (really) female.

In this day of successful transgender surgery, a person who has felt like one sex but looks like another can finally live a comfortable and prosperous life being his or her self and contributing to society with whatever talents nature gave him or her. And as to the sticky question of pronouns, you simply use the one that applies to the person's choice of gender. If given half a chance, transgendered people will make their choice clear by the way they dress.

As to the problem of public bathrooms, it can be eliminated simply by removing urinals and using only stalls. Of course this might mean that Moms would have to impress their little boys with the need for accurate aiming and putting the seat down when they are finished. Good lessons, both.

The real sufferers, if a law passes that people must abide by their birth sex, would be the people who had the surgery and finally looked and felt like the new person. A person who is dressed like a woman and has had successful surgery to turn her into one will be uncomfortable in the men's room and there is no reason on God's earth why she should be made to feel queasy. The same goes for a man who looks like a man in the women's room.

This law is not only idiotic, but vicious. The Eagle had a wonderful article on May 12 about people who can feel like either male or female. Apparently in our nosy country, it makes for a difficult life.

There is a stronger practical reason than people's feelings. How is Nosy Nanny supposed to know what the birth sex of somebody was? Ask him/her? Make him/her carry around his/her birth certificate? What if the surgical success story customer forgot and left his/her birth certificate home? Would the law put out of business the makers of those little change purses that are all the rage now? No room for a birth certificate.

But I know of one group of entrepreneurs that would flourish and multiply. Some smart businessmen will go into business producing copies of all forms of birth certificates so that the customer can fill out his/her own and keep it in the car, just like a handicapped card. And our country would be known for raising kids to be liars.

What does Nosy Nanny do when she sees a person wearing trousers headed for the women's restroom? Should a female have to keep a triangular skirt in her car to slip into before going past the sign? I have often thought that those little signs are getting more and more out-of-date as more and more women wear trousers. Someday they might all need to be changed into something that merely said "restroom" and had a sketch of a toilet on it.

It is the desire of all Nosy Nannies to want everybody to be like them. This shows up the most in religion, of all places. Hundreds of variations on Protestant faiths in Europe claim the Golden Rule comes from the hand of God, and you can check the newspaper to see how well that is followed.

In a democracy you don't make laws about people's preferences unless they threaten the lives of others. We don't even do that, to tell the truth, or we would long ago have abolished guns in the hands of citizens. So to make laws about how a person feels about sex is so idiotic as to be laughable.

It says in the Bible that God made us. Are we going to tell Him that He blew it when He put sexual preference on a spectrum? Not me.

Dorothy van den Honert is a frequent Eagle contributor.


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