Eagle opt out policy is slippery slope

Wednesday March 27, 2013

I am writing to voice my displeasure with The Eagle’s decision to put the responsibility on its subscribers to opt out of a fee. In this case that fee would be $1 which will be automatically charged to me if I don’t call an 800 number listed in very tiny print in Monday’s C section. This fee would be for a special edition commemorating Pope Francis.

For the record I am Catholic, very excited about this new Pope, and able to afford the $1. My objection has nothing to do with the subject matter of this material. However, I believe it is a very slippery slope if Berkshire Eagle subscribers accept this presumptuous action by this publication and very dangerous territory if corporations (who have already been granted "personhood" by our Supreme Court) can begin charging us unless we notify them in advance not to.

Can my grocery store charge my credit card for milk if I don’t call ahead and register with a "No"? Can my medical insurance provider charge me a co-pay if I don’t make an appointment with my physician? Very slippery slope.




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