Egremont Selectmen hold firm that its school won’t be closing


EGREMONT -- The Selectmen are reiterating their stance that the South Egremont School won’t be closing.

"That building isn’t going to close anytime soon, that’s for sure," said Selectman Charles Flynn.

The board has held that position ever since talks began over the continued use of the small community school in the Southern Berkshire Regional School District.

The school district will be hosting several meetings over the next month to discuss the potential fate of the district’s three outlying community schools in South Egremont, Monterey and New Marlborough.

This is by no means aparticularly new topic. The district has been wrestling with the issue for decades.

The elementary schools typically have low enrollments. All three are everal decades old and in need of repair.

But the district has never had enough support to warrant closing the schools. A new tack is the possibility of finding funds to renovate them.

The South Egremont School, which draws students from Egremont, Alford and Mount Washington, is projected to have about 20 students next year, according to Selectwoman Mary Brazie.

"As long as the school is viable, it will remain open," said Selectman Chairman Bruce Turner. "That’s our position."

Flynn said the town has used the status of the school’s designation as an historic structure to apply for grants to renovate it.

"We’re doing the work on a gradual basis, but we expect to complete it is a few years," he said.

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