Energy: Hong Kong shows love with 25,000 LED roses


HONG KONG >> It's like a romantic scene out of one of South Korea's sappy soap dramas — tens of thousands of illuminated roses forming an impressive backdrop for the lead actor and actress to declare their love for each other.

The Light Rose Garden, a public art installation featuring a sea of white roses made with light-emitting diode, or LED, was also a perfect venue for Valentine's Day in Hong Kong.

The exhibition was meant to celebrate the different vibes brought about by Valentine's Day from the West and the Lantern Festival (which is China's equivalent of the western Valentine's Day), according to the U.K.'s International Business Times.

Originating in South Korea, the Light Rose Garden is on a world tour with its first stop in the southern Chinese city. The installation was placed around Hong Kong's harbor on Feb. 13.

Organizer Jung Yong Jin said he's thrilled to see people outside of Seoul enjoying the garden, made up of 25,000 waterproof white roses arranged tightly in Hong Kong's landmark Central and Western District Promenade, with 25 roses planted every 3 square meters (yards).

"So the main concept of this project is to spread love and happiness to many people." he told the International Business Times. So anyone can come and enjoy here with their family and friends and their lovers. That's the main idea and it's a garden so anyone can come anytime.

So we were looking for a project to do at night, so something to do at night and that's we combine light and roses together," he said.

Lights up nightly

The roses light up each night and instantly illuminate the park against the backdrop of Hong Kong's skyline. Couples, families and friends flock to take photos.

"I created this LED rose garden because I wanted families, friends and lovers to come out to parks at night," Jung said.

A woman from Taiwan, who was visiting with her boyfriend, said the romantic setting reminded her of Korean dramas.

"I don't feel anything," the boyfriend, who identified himself only as Lee, laughed. "She showed me those scenes. Korean dramas are like that. So when I read about it, I wanted to bring her here."

For Valentine's, he gave her roses made of Lego bricks.

The light garden's next stop is Singapore on Feb. 22.


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